The purpose of this paper is to analyze the two graphic novels read for this course: Johnny Jihad and American Terrorist. Students will choose three (3) course topics and discuss how they are presented, whether similarly or differently, in the graphic novels.

You would devote a section of your paper to each one of these topics. Within these sections you would discuss how each topic is discussed in each graphic novel. If the topic is not specifically utilized in one of the novels (or barely discussed), then you should elaborate upon why you think it was omitted or minimized. How might discussing that topic have changed the story? Conclude your paper by summarizing your main findings and discussing, collectively, what type of picture these graphic novels present of terrorism in the 21st century.

List of course topics you can include in the paper (you must use 3 topics and apply them to both novels)
– How terrorists become radicalized/influenced
– Weapons and tactics they use
– What are their goals/intentions
– Ideology (Anarchist, left-wing, right-wing, enthonationalist or religious)
– Gender of terrorists and their role
– How does media influence terrorism and how it is used
– Impact on society
– Economic aspects of terrorism

Try to select topics that are present in both novels, for example, if both books include Islam as religion, suicide bombings as tactic and the fight against western ideology as the main goal (here you have 3 possible topics by the way) try to compare and contrast the ways each point is developed in each story and what are the main implications. Feel free to find things in common inside the topics above mentioned and develop your paper from that.

A sample research paper outline is as follows (I’m using radicalization, weapons of terrorism, and religious terrorism as reference. If you like these 3 topics, feel free to use them)

1) Introduction (Provide a thesis/statement that summarizes your findings. Introduce which topics you chose and why, name the books you are analyzing and describe how the paper will proceed.)

2) Radicalization (Compare and contrast how radicalization is presented in each text; cite specific examples)

3) Weapons of Terrorism (Compare and contrast how weapons of terrorism are presented in each text; cite specific examples)

4) Religious Terrorism (Compare and contrast how religious terrorism is presented in each text; cite specific examples)

5) Conclusion (Summarize the findings of your research and discuss what these texts say about terrorism in the 21st century. Explain how the two books relate with the topics you chose)

Important info: The only two sources you can formally use for the essay are just the two books, however, you can get as much info as you need from any source (books, internet, etc) to provide a good comparison, a clear analysis and of course demonstrate understanding. Feel free to do research about the topics you decide to develop but make sure to write the paper with your own words. When citing examples from the books, it does not have to be formal, you just have to give the example and explain from what book is the example coming.