Book Review and Analysis

Task: Book Review and Analysis
Title of book: Doing Time Together: Love and family in the shadow of the prison
Author: Megan Comfort
Assignment objective/purpose
To gain confidence in ‘voicing’ your opinion about social science in a laconic manner. In addition, to gain experience in ‘critical thinking’ in social science and develop the skill to write a book review.
 You will provide a summary of the above book (available in the bookstore see syllabus) and then submit a completed book review at the end of the semester which will include a section on ‘Analysis’. This section will engage the reader and also demonstrate your ability to present arguments on the value (strengths) and limitations (weaknesses) of the work
 The summary should include important aspects of the reading. This will include two aspects a) an overview of what the work is doing and what the author is saying and b) express your view of the work
 Try to answer these questions:
a. What are some specific statements made by the author?
b. What problem is being addressed?
c. What question(s) is the author asking and or investigating?
d. What are some of the assumptions made by the author?