Book Review

Write a review (a book review) on the following book ” Child and Adolescent Development: An advanced course”, the book is around 19 chapters.

The guidelines on the book review are the following:

Length: 5 pages (double spaced)

It should include the following:

1. Introduction
2. Summary
This should be a concise summary of the content of the book including why the writing is significant/important.

What are the main ideas presented by the author?

Thoughtful statements which demonstrate that you have thought carefully understanding about the book.

3. Reaction
Include your opinion of the content in the book.

Give what you believe to be the major strengths of the ideas presented.

Were there parts of the book that troubled you? Challenged you?

Include a discussion of at least two quotations that were particularly interesting to you and why you found these to be of interest.

4. Conclusion
Comment on overall impact the book had on you and your thinking about human development .