book blog

All what i ask you to do now as follows:

1-please do not let me down i trust you and i hope you will be helpful person and finish my order asap before Sunday 12-6

2-i know i chose 10 days but you can do all your best less than 10

3- just i need from you two postings about the book and small counlsion about the whole book

4- what i need from you else (the book has three main parts is not? i need you to write down on each section you alredy wrote part 1 – part2- part 3( from each ond you wroute find wich part belong to )

again and again i trust you i need to pass in this class do all your best and i will appreciate all your efforts lovely writer
you can make two postings short and add one video related about what are you taking about -question

i hope you find any information related with mine to add to one of them experince or …..anything