The effect of leptin and resistin on brain inflammation

The effect of leptin and resistin on brain inflammation
The effect of leptin and resistin on brain inflammation
Adipokines ( leptin and resistin) can affect the inflammatory status in the brain. There is strong association between leptin and brain inflammation. Leptin can cause inflammatory changes in the CNS.
The microglia Immune cells in the brain
Microglia is the first line of immune system in the brain. Microglia reacts to injury and diseases of the brain by becoming morphologically and functionally activated.
(It has been suggested that microglia, a type of glial cells in the central nervous system, play various important roles in normal and pathologic brains. In this article, we discussed the association or roles of microglia in injury and in brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, AIDS dementia complex, multiple sclerosis and ischemia. Further-more, microglia-derived cytotoxic products and other secretory factors were summarized. In addition to the pathological aspects, secretory factors that showed neurotrophic effects were described with special reference to their physiological significance in the neuronal growth, neuronal function and regeneration processes. Accumulated evidence suggests that microglia are associated with not only brain pathology but also normal physiology in the brain.)
The role of inflammatory markers (TNF-alpha and IL10) in the brain inflammation caused by leptin and resistin
Leptin plays an important role in the immune response to pathogens through the stimulation of brain IL-1b and TNF- a.
Obesity and high fat diet cause brain inflammation
Obesity is now generally considered a chronic low-grade inflammatory state in the brain.
Please paraphrase this C-fos is a marker for neuronal activity
Neural activity in the CNS occurs in response to physiological stimuli and it has been demonstrated that c-Fos protein is a reliable marker for CNS neural activation. It is acknowledged that c-Fos act as marker for acute activated neurons in the CNS, rather than expression of chronically activated neurons. Therefore, c-Fos protein helps to demonstrate the subpopulation of activated neurons in the CNS . The benefits of using c-Fos protein is the availability of antibodies to this particular protein, which helpful since we can use standard immunohistochemistry
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