Analyze an article in your field (RHETORICAL ANALYSIS)

Analyze an article in your field (RHETORICAL ANALYSIS)
Please see attached document for article to be used for writing. Outline Introduction a. Introduce the specific piece of writing you are analyzing (the text) – what were the circumstances under which the text was created? b. Who was the audience? Describe the discourse community the text was written for. c. What was the general purpose of the text you are analyzing? to inform, persuade, collaborate? What did the author want the audience to think or do after they read it? d. Preview Statement — Indicate the organization/development qualities you will discuss in the rest of this Rhetorical Analysis. These must include at least one rhetorical appeal (use of ethos, pathos, &/or logos) and two rhetorical strategies (narration, description, exemplification, analysis of cause and effect, comparison, contrast, etc.). You may also include style or presentation. Analysis of Rhetorical Strategies (Body paragraphs – details of the strategies mentioned in “d” above) These sections will describe the strategies that the author used in the text, give examples from the text, and explain why the author used them. You can write paragraphs for several of the rhetorical strategies you mentioned in the introduction. In each paragraph, do the following: a. define the rhetorical strategy b. quote or paraphrase 2-3 examples from your text that illustrate the use of the strategy c. explain how or why the example illustrates the strategy and how it contributed to the author’s purpose in writing the text.

Nursing journal article

Nursing journal article
Pick one of the following topics and find a scholarly nursing journal article (published within the last five years) that discusses these nursing topic. The topics are  safety;  delegation;  prioritization; and  caring. After you find a scholarly nursing journal article, you will complete a one-two page summary and reflection on the article. The paper should be completed in APA format and include the following.  A cover page (not included in the page number requirement)  A reference page (not included in the page number requirement)  One direct quote from one of your references, appropriately cited in the body of your paper  One indirect quote (or paraphrased reference) appropriately cited in the body of your paper  Citations and references in APA format Body of the essay should include -Complete, well-developed discussion of key points  Logical development of ideas with information clear and accurate, supported by examples from personal and/or professional experiences  Perception: Student provides own perspectives on the topic; reflective and insightful

Labor Laws and Unions

Labor Laws and Unions

Paper instructions:
Choose an organization with which you are familiar that is currently unionized.

Outline the organization chosen by including the following:

• Provide brief background information on your chosen organization.
• Identify legal issues and obstacles that this organization could encounter.
• Determine which federal, state, or local laws could be broken because of these legal issues and why.
• Provide recommendations to minimize possible litigation.

Write a paper of no more than 700 words discussing the effects of the union on the chosen organization. Address the following questions:

• What are the organization’s benefits of joining a union?
• What is the unionization process?
• How does a union bargain?
• What effects does union bargaining have on the organization?

Legal Memoradum


I need to write a legal memorandum. Below is the instructions. I hope you understand the statues and how to cite.

Here is my question:
Under Illinois law, can the state stop payments on public employee pensions?
Submit an outline of your course project. Include your issue(s), preliminary version of the “rule” or short answer to the extent you have been able to identify it, and a detailed draft of your discussion section.

The discussion section should organize and structure the components of your analysis. For example, you might have a paragraph to describe each applicable statute, a paragraph for cases on point, one or more paragraphs about what the scholarly secondary sources say on your issue, and/or a paragraph about any administrative rules, regulations, codes, or other issues that apply. Use the outline to structure and set out the information that you have reviewed and analyzed in your research. You may find that there is no single, clear answer to the question you have asked, or that the answer depends upon other factors. That is fine — your job is simply to set out what you have discovered whether or not is the expected or desired outcome.

Article Critique

Chapters 9-10
Abstract Article Journal: You will find 4 articles related to assigned chapters in the text and write an abstract of the article. The article should be written within the last 12 months and may come from popular business periodicals such as Business Week or Fortune. Use the online databases you have available through the library like Business and Company Resource Center and ProQuest to find articles. The abstract will include a summary of the main points of the article, your opinion on the topic (how do you agree or disagree with the author?) and how the article relates to the chapter. A copy of the article or a link to the article should also be included with the abstract.

Unit 4 Assessing Candidates (due by January 8)
Read Chapters 9 and 10
Article Abstracts

Strategic Staffing, Jean M. Phillips and Stanley M. Gully, Pearson, 2012

We moved a file from theemail you sent and the abstract, see below:
Article Abstracts
(Use this as a template for abstracts)
Name: _______________________________________________
Article Title: __________________________________________
Author: ______________________________________________
Journal/Periodical: _____________________________________
Publication Date and Page Number: _______________________

Article Abstract (1-2 paragraphs summarizing the article content)

Your impression/opinion of the article (1-2 paragraphs).
Major agreements/disagreements

How does the article relate to the textbook chapter?

Science Field Observation Journal



***Use a basic PE Kindergarten lesson plan for the physical education component. Review the three standards for physical education:
 Personal Health and Fitness
 A Safe and Healthy Environment
 Resource Management
***25 Kindergarten students in a class, one teacher.

This is a reflective journal describing your experience in a science classroom and physical education classroom. Below are guides for your observation journal entries. The journal does not have to be an extensive document, but it will be useful to type your thoughts/observations, approximately two-four paragraphs per prompt.
Week 1– Observation Focus: Context: What is the context of the school: student body make-up, grades, general classroom demographics, the school environment, classroom setting, school morale, physical environment, social environment of the school and classroom you are observing, etc.? What is the science curriculum in the classroom?

Week 2– Observation Focus: Student Diversity: Who is a student least/most like me? How do I teach science for this student, and other students of linguistic, cultural, academic, and social diversity? How different are the students I am observing and will teach? How can you assess what students know and understand in science? What kinds of assessment practices are being used in their science classroom?
Week 3– Observation Focus: Science Instruction: Is science being taught? How is science being taught? How are students learning and understanding science? What teaching strategies is the teacher using? Do students really understand science? What are students learning in other areas that can be used for making science more relevant and easier to understand? Where could you see science integrated into the regular classroom curriculum?
Physical Education Instruction: How do these children understand physical education and health? Do they talk about any objectives included in the state standards?
Analyze your observation and your interviews in relation to the 3 health and physical education standards. Where does the school seem to meet or exceed the standards? Where does it seem to fall short of meeting the standards?

Week 4– Observation Focus: Science Communication: How well do students talk about science in the classroom? How well do students make connections between personal talk and language and the language of science? Record some specific examples of what students say in the science classroom where they are communicating their science understanding. How can you help students talk about science in ways that build their understanding of science?
Week 5– Reflection: Re-read your four journal entries. What did you learn about elementary science from observing and working in this classroom? What did you learn from the classroom teacher and the science teacher? What factors seem to be important in teaching and learning science?

Where am I Wearing Journal Entry #1


Work individually to complete this assignment. You will be posting journal entries, one per book section, about your reaction to Where am I Wearing? The purposes of this journal are: to stimulate thought about the course material (even when you are not in class), to point out the relevance of the course concepts to everyday life, and to provide a starting point for class discussions about the material.

For entry, you should write a minimum of two paragraphs. The first paragraph should provide a brief overview of the chapters in that section (e.g., what happened in the chapter, what countries/factories he visited, which people he interacted with, etc.). The second paragraph should provide your reaction to the chapter. Exactly what you write in the second paragraph is up to you. Some things that you might consider writing about include, but are not limited to: how the material covered in the chapter relates to the material covered in the class, how the material covered in the chapter changed or strengthened your ideas or opinions about global apparel sourcing, how the material covered in the chapter relates to an experience you have personally had, how the material covered in the chapter will influence your future decisions as an apparel professional, or any questions that you have about the chapter or the course materials.

You will be using Moodle to upload your assignments.

Your journal entries are due BEFORE the chapters are discussed in class. There are five (5) dates for your submitting journal. These dates are posted in the calendar in the syllabus. So, make sure you keep up with your reading and journal postings as the course moves along.

Your journal entries will be graded on content only. Grammar and spelling will not be assessed. However, it is easier for the instructor and the TA(s) to understand your content if your grammar and spelling do not distract the readers.
Grading (20 points):

_____ First paragraph summary (8 points)
concise, accurate

_____ Second paragraph reactions (12 points)
displays a thoughtful response to chapter information, makes connections to course content or life experiences

_____/20 points