Online Journalism News commentary or feature article

Online Journalism News commentary or feature article

Subject: Journalism
Meco6925 Online Journalism , it is about 3 parts for 2200 words long , This assignment has three tasks. I need to write a long-form news commentary or feature article, with accompanying images and/or audio-visual material and story layout, for an existing online journalism site.
This story must include at least one original, relevant interview and cannot repurpose press releases.

The assignment including :
1. Commentary and feature reporting:
In this assignment, ideally you will develop the idea you explored in your research post into your commentary or feature article – which will allow you to build on the research you’ve done and to
re-purpose some of the writing and images.
(It means that i need to fellow my last assignment work’s topic to continue the new assi
gnment… my last assignment is about the news of LGBTQ.. i will submit the work as well)

2. Production critique: Write a 900 word critique of your production process

3. 2 Comment posting on my classmate’s assignment ,150 words each and it must due on 3rd June.150 words each,,relevant article i will supply later, before the due date…


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