Disproportionate Minority Confinement of Youth


( Instructions from teacher)
Use the library software. I recommend that you start  to find the full version of these two articles.

Journal article for Critique
Disproportionate Minority Confinement (DMC) of Youth: An Analysis of State and Federal Efforts
Writing of the Journal Critique
This should be a 4-page paper, written in paragraph form. Add to the 4 pages a title page and a References page. (There should be only one reference, which is the journal article you have just read. Do not use any outside sources. This commentary should be your own.) Use good APA format throughout the paper.

On page 1 of the paper, summarize the article. The rest of the paper should be your comments on what you have observed in the writing, new information learned, and anything of special interest. Give both strong and weak points. If you did not find the article to be interesting, give your reasons.

Does the article follow standard format with an abstract, literature review/background, methods and statistics section, results/findings, conclusion, and limitations of the research? Is the article qualitative or quantitative?

Be sure to comment in depth about the methods and statistics used in this paper. Does he back up his assumptions with numbers and proof.

* Do you feel that his method used was appropriate for this research project? Why or why not? Elaborate on this subject.

* Was the article easy/difficult to read and understand? Was it long enough to be considered a good article? (15 pages or more is standard minimum) Are the sections labeled for ease of reading?

* Is the work credible? What about the references the researcher used? Do you think he did enough research on his topic? Were his references good ones, published in credible journals? Is it recent information? Do you recognize any of the authors he used or the journals where their articles were published? (All of this information can be gleaned from his References section and footnotes, if any.) Is there any evidence that your researcher’s work has been published anywhere else, information about the writer, commentaries on this work by other researchers?

* Do you think the author did a good job in the writing this article and researching the topic? Why or why not?

You be the judge. Use as many of the above subjects (*) as you think apply to your critique. You might want to make both positive and negative comments. Your paper must be at least 4 pages of writing and may be longer.