diagram drawing

Topic: diagram drawing the assignment has two part: 1- drawing in Microsoft Visio which is diagrams 2- word document which is have reflection about assignment one which is I will uplode to you guys and the second will be the steps during your drawing a diagrams as it say in the assignment and I will uplode two document: 1- is for the drawing a diagrams which call “overview” 2- is for,”assignment1″ and please follow the mark sheet in part 2: 2. You will also need to include a �reflection� document that identifies:- ( in word document ) a. how your team�s original Assignment-1 report has had to be modified to correct any errors detected from the marking feedback, b. any subsequent review by yourself during your modelling activities, c. and personal comments about how you handled the whole process. this is the instructions for part 2 should follow it and i think it should be around 1 to 2 pages This is what should be in the assignment: 1- write steps in the activity ( word document ). 2- draw the activity diagram ( 2 diagram ) , ( Microsoft Visio) . 3- draw primitive DFD ( 3 diagram) , ( Microsoft Visio) . 4- draw a system DFD ( 1 diagram ) , ( Microsoft Visio) . 5- context diagram (1 diagram ) , ( Microsoft Visio) . 6- the reflection from 1 to 2 pages about assignment 1 ( word document )