CLIMAX modelling

Topic: Use of CLIMEX modelling to identify prospective areas to grow tomato against two spotted mite in 2060., A Modeling Exercise Using CLIMEX
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I do not need essay or assignment. I need paper to publishing in a scientific journal. the structure is different with essay. this paper contains: abstract, introduction, materials and method ( or methodology), results, and discussion. I need figure and graphs to proof it.
my topic is : predicting the areas in the world which are good to grow tomato against two spotted mite in the next 40 years by using climex. Its a god idea if you dividing these years, for example 2020, 2040, and 2060.
Please fix the topic if you think It is not good in grammar or it doesn’t attract readers enough.
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I send two pdf which can help you to have better understanding about what i am looking for, just please do not use the “Climate Change Impacts on the Future Distribution of
Date Palms: A Modeling Exercise Using CLIMEX” as a reference in my paper. thank you very much.