Assess the advantages and disadvantages of using groundwater to meet the demand needs

Please read the Description of assignment carefully it need to be supported by case study and figures. Also make sure to use SI unites.

The following learning outcomes will be assessed through this assignment:

• Understanding of the general and specific aspects of water management
• Demonstrate an understanding of the hydrological principles fundamental
to the solution of management problems in surface water and groundwater.
• Evaluate the influence of human activity, both conscious and inadvertent,
on hydrological processes.
• Consider potential objectives for water managers and to develop a critical
perspective on, and evaluation of existing policies for water management.
• To be able to produce detailed and coherent reports.

•••Description of assignment•••

You should explore the nature of the problem, and critically evaluate its causes and potential management solutions. The essay should be well supported with appropriate (((((((((((case studies, tables and figures)))))))))))).

It is expected that the majority (more than 16) of your references will come from journals and high quality scientific publications (NOT text books or web sites). You should aim to use at least 24 references, though the more the better!
• Make sure you make good use of references, cases studies, diagrams, tables where appropriate.
• Make sure that you use appropriate SI units and where necessary convert from imperial to SI units.
• Remember to compare and contrast within your assignment.
• Don’t cut and paste!
Assignment Grading

Work of distinguished quality which is based on extensive research and/or strong technical and creative competence. An authoritative grasp of concepts, methodology and content appropriate to the hydrology and water management strategies will be demonstrated. There is clear evidence of originality and insight and an ability to sustain an argument and solve discipline-related problems, based on critical analysis and evaluation of the data. The ability to synthesise material effectively and the potential for skilled innovation in thinking and practice will be evident. Capability in relation to relevant key skills for the assessment task will also be strongly evidenced. Excellent use of references to support and illustrate the essay