These are official documents done by candidates who aim to achieve a doctorate degree in a university or college. The candidates are obliged to present a prototype supposition using the information they have attained. This information is gained through carrying out extensive research on the topic of study.

The research is normally heavy and time consuming; hence students are compelled to focus their full attention on it. After the research, candidates are required to write down their findings in an authentic manner.

During research, students normally come across other people’s findings. As such, it is important for them to carefully choose only the relevant sources that they will use as reference points when writing their essays. Meanwhile, students are advised to fully acknowledge other people’s sources in a bid to avoid plagiarism.

It is also advised for students to carefully proofread their work and correct any errors in the essay. They must also follow the structured format when writing essays. In doing this, they make sure that the work they present is in its best form.