Swimming: Need Analysis and Periodisation

No internet sources are acceptable. ONLY peer-reviewed credible sources are needed. References can be anywhere between 15-30.
SECTION 1: Needs analysis
Detailed analysis of
– Sport, i.e., swimming
– Assessment of athlete
NOTE: analysis of movements, sports and injuries related to it

SECTION 2: Presentation, analysis and interpretation of testing results
Present performance testing data relevant to above analysed needs. With a clear justification the why the testing data should be included or excluded
Compare the needs analysed with National standards showing clearly
– How athlete stands against these needs
– Improvements required
Comparisons should be presented neatly presented with suitable tables and/or figures.
NOTE: refer to Prac class 4

SECTION 3: Annual periodised training plan
Construct an annual periodised training plan using the template provided. It should include
– Excellent identification, prioritisation and justification of training goals for annual periodised plan based on section 1 and 2
– Excellent selection, timing and justification of tests for re-assessment in order to evaluate the achievement goals.
– Excellent programming and justification of macrocycles and overall training volume in relation to the competition calendar
NOTE: section 1 and 2 leads to the justification of this whole section.

SECTION 4: One pre-season microcycle and one in-season microcycle
– One pre-season
– One in-season
Microcycle for 7 days using templates provided, with sufficient details.
Excellent use of acute training variables including frequency, exercise selection, number of sets and reps, tempo, intensity and rest that are appropriate for the specific case study.
Specify exactly in which week of the mesocycle each microcycle is aligned with.
NOTE: use all supporting information presented while writing the above sections.

Word limit: Maximum of 1500 words (excluding tables, figures, and references)
Reference style: Vancouver