Brazil Olympics

Professor requirement:

‘Reading Sport Critically’ Research paper instructions

Research paper Outline:

Submit a (printed) one page outline clearly stating your research topic, a one paragraph summary (of the question(s) you intend to explore/possible lines of argument for the paper), identify class readings that apply to your topic, and provide a list of 10 academic sources (not including class readings).

Due: October 16, 1:30 p.m., in class

Research Paper:

2500 words (not including bibliography).

In this paper you must use the ‘reading sport critically’ theoretical and methodological framework to explore/investigate a specific topic relating to sport and social issues. You must demonstrate your familiarity with all course readings that relate to your topic as well as draw upon at least 10 additional academic sources (published in 1999 or later unless provided as historical evidence). This paper will be evaluated in terms of:

demonstration of command of appropriate knowledge
critical thinking capacity
quality of presentation/ability to construct a logical argument/write an effective paper
Due: December 4 in class at 1:30 p.m., or before (hand-in a printed copy)

My requirement:
1. As Prof required, student MUST use the “reading sport critically” (which is a journal article) theoretical and methodological framework to explore a topic. I will attach the article. Please read it before you start. My understanding of reading sport critically is that you need to put sociology theory, terms, and concept when you think of sport. You are not understanding sport at a kind of activity, but a professional sociology subject.

2. The reason why I required 15 academic sources, was because my Prof wants us to discuss all course readings that relate to my topic. I have five class readings, including reading sport critically. Please read them before you start! Student MUST include these reading as required.
List of relating class reading (I will attach them):
a. Reading sport critically: a methodology for interrogating power. Sociology of Sport Journal. Mary McDonald & Susan Birrell.
b. Investigating corruption in corporate sport: The IOC and FIFA. International Review for the Sociology of Sport. Andrew Jennings.
c. When Symbols Clash: Legitimacy, legality and the 2010 Winter Olympics. Mass Communication & Society. Karen-Marie Elah Perry, Helen Hyun Ji Kang.
d. Football’s tsars: proprietorship corporatism and politics in the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Soccer & Society. Scarlett Cornelissen.
e.Sochi, sexuality, and Empire. Zero Anthropology. Maximilian Forte.

3. I already talked with my Prof. She wants my paper discussing terms: neoliberalism, nationalism, capitalism, globalism, corporatism, and consumerism. The main idea is to understand Olympics as a industry. What does Olympics industry mean? For example, it means the government cooperates with global corporations to gain benefits. coca cola is one of the sponsor of FIFA. They made money from Olympics. It is just an example, you can develop your own idea and argument after read these five class reading. Just remember to have Olympics industry as another key term.

4. I will also attach my paper outline, which I already hand it in to my Prof. As you can see, in my outline, I didn’t take position on how do I think about Brazil Olympics. And my academic sources were not enough. Please take a position and have ten more academic sources.

Hope my requirement is clear and helpful. Let me know if you need more information!