Food Concept Journal

I will try to simplify the instructions as much as possible,

First of all, you will be doing a journal collection assignment for a subject called experimental food so the journal will be talking about food recopies.

Second of all, I will provide an assignment that was done by one of my friends in the same subject last year but this assignment have a lot of week points that I want you to overcome so we can get a better mark because the mark that he has got was 19 out of 35 marks.

Thirdly, you will be paraphrasing and improving my friends assignment.
• Paraphrasing is that you will be using the same recipes in my friends report.
• Improving is that you will find a checklist with deferent variables in a table that needs to be done (I will upload a file named check list) that where I want you to really work hard is to meet the check lists as much as you can.

Fourthly, I will upload the marking guide, a rubric. And I will upload the lecture notes for the experiments (7expirments in total) “lectures files are ending with .ppt”

Lastly, I will upload some useful article that are relevant to the topics. “those files are numbered 1,2,3,4,5,6”