Develop a job / task analysis for one ,…. Prepare a two to three (2-3) page analysis……………..

Develop a job / task analysis for one ,…. Prepare a two to three (2-3) page analysis……………..


Managers must decide what their employees need to learn before training them. The foundation for successful training and development comes as a result of careful analysis. To determine which tasks an employee needs to undertake and the standards of performance a manager has to carry out a job or task analysis. The ultimate purpose of conducting a job/task analysis is to produce a properly trained person.

The job analysis process produces important tools such as job performance standards, job breakdowns and list of tasks or duties. The list of duties or job descriptions states the specific duties that an employee must perform. A customer service representative in a call center is one who serves as direct point of contacts for clients. He/she needs to interact with customers to offer information in response to inquiries about a company’s service or product and to handle or resolve complaints. Customer inquiries may involve routine questions or requests therefore a customer service representative is required to make follow-ups with an individual client until an issue is resolved or a query is answered. Nevertheless, a customer service representative needs to assist clients in making decisions on the type of products or services that would suit their needs. Updated records of transactions and maintained databases must be kept for accountability or transparency purposes. Transfer of calls to another agent is acceptable if the latter is better placed at responding to the customer’s needs. To ensure that company protocols and policies are being adhered to supervisors, are required to tape telephone calls and review conversations. Nonetheless, patience is needed while dealing with customers because some of them can be difficult and agonizing to relate with. A bachelor’s degree holder with a high school course in computer, business or English is an ideal candidate for working in a customer service call center.(Hadass,2005) Candidates who are professional and friendly play a crucial role in building interface between clients and the company. The ability to communicate in foreign languages and having bilingual skills is an added advantage for any candidate seeking out for this job. Objectives for this entry level job are as follows: to enhance interface between customers and the company; to ensure maximum customer satisfaction; to ensure timely customer delivery of products and services; to build customer confidence towards the company; to answer telephone calls within two rings and to ensure that customer complaints and queries are handled and dealt with effectively.

An example of a customized task analysis

What does the trainee need to know/does he have the ability to perform this job Can it be taught and someone learns/tackles it in about 30 minutes
Tasks Yes No
Handling client complaints or messages
Responding to customer queries
Keying in of data or information in computer
Urgency in answering telephone calls
Communicate with reception supervisor

In order to support this job and its corresponding tasks I have identified opportunities for appropriate training. A customer representative should have good communication skills that will assist him in interacting with customers and fellow workmates. Since this is a customer service call centre he must know how to respond to customer’s queries or concerns. A customer representative must be quick to respond to urgent calls because any delays can make the customer lose confidence in the company. Since the company aims at retaining customers it is important for every employee to be timely and accurate in handling customer’s needs. Customer service representatives are supposed to observe confidentiality at work especially when they are confronted with personal information by a client. Exposing a client’s private details is prohibited and if any one is found leaking any information he/she is liable for suspension. Customer service representatives ought to be fluent in delivering speech or conversing (Hecker, 2005). A client should be in a position to comprehend and understand the instructions he/she is being given by a service representative.

Customer satisfaction is the key aspect in our organization, thus an employee has to see to it that a customer is satisfied at all times. An employee needs to observe the rules and regulations of the organization. For instance, one must report to work on time, he/she must be available when need arises. Since computers and telephones are used as a medium of communication, it is crucial for a customer representative to be equipped with ICT skills (Autor, 2003). There is need to provide a conducive working environment. For example, the working area for a call centre must be well lit and clean. A crowded and noisy environment is not ideal, since it makes work appear more stressful and repetitive with less time between calls. Working in an office or help desk is ideal for customer care representatives working outside of a call center area. Customer service jobs offer entry level opportunities because workers with experience tend to move up within the company into managerial or supervisory posts. Representatives are better placed in using their knowledge to improve goods and services. Chances of being enrolled in this field prove to be high with many job openings as opposed to job seeking. Customer service call center is best suited for work schedules that are flexible and part-time work since more organizations opt to cut costs of labor by employing workers on a temporary basis. Organizations that deal with airline, telecommunication or banking services are likely to benefit from this type of job/task analysis.