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3. 1.0 Introduction

4. 2.0 Research Design and justification

4. 3.0 Theory and approaches

7. 4. 0 Data collection and analysis

9. 5.0 Data analysis and presentation

11. 6.0 References

12. 7.0 Appendix

1.0 Introduction

The chapter analyses the methodology to be used in the study of Thai beer consumption in theUK. It starts by justifying the research design before discussing relevant theories for this research. SWOT analysis and marketing mix are the main theories being used by the two companies in theUKmarkets. Both primary and secondary data will be obtained from Thai beer consumers and beer ads. The findings are expected to benefits beer takers, government and beer producing companies in their efforts to explore theUKmarkets and grow their business.

2.0 I Research Design and justification

This is a descriptive research designed to determine factors behind the success of Singha and Chang beer in theUK. The choice of this research design is appropriate for qualitative and quantitative primary and secondary data that will be collected from consumers and beer producing companies, (Choice of Research. n.d). These beers are manufactured inThailandand have recently gained popularity in theUKmarket which prompted this research.

This research is necessary because it attempts to explain reasons for the increased consumption of Thai beers in theUK. The research findings will be relevant to the public, for they know their consumption rate of beers, for the government for it will help in making laws and policies that are needed to regulate beer consumption in the country, to beer exporting companies, this research will provide them with information to make necessary adjustments towards improving their performances.

3.0 Theory and approaches

Different theories of marketing beer products have been documented which will form the basis for this research. The swot analysis will be used to evaluate the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats being faced by the two beer exporting companies in theUKmarkets. The strengths of producing company will be analyzed which includes, strong financial position through increased revenues generated over time, established brand name in the UK and the world through its associations with popular football clubs in the world which has helped build sign value for the two beers, use of technological methods in marketing process, quality of staff and distribution chain for the products used by the two beers in the UK, (Webb, 2002).

Comparison of company weaknesses in terms of the number of branches, ability to compete with each other, company structure and bureaucracy in decision making in the parent company among others. The paper also analyses the available opportunities for the products by evaluating market availability in the UK, legal and political condition, technological availability in new territories, sporting events which can be used to develop sign value and availability and use of social media network in the country.

The study evaluates threats being experienced by the two companies such as poor economic condition due to global recession, harsh policies and regulations on beer consumption in theUK, high taxation rates on products from outside European Union markets among others threats being experienced by the two exporting companies.

Marketing Mix theories will be analyzed to determine the ability of two companies to effectively respond to the marketing needs in ofUK. Pricing strategies will be analyzed to determine whether the two companies can easily respond to pricing needs of the market at any particular time. However, the companies are unlikely to engage in pricing because it is presumed that people consume beer to gain status.

Promotional strategy will be evaluated to determine how the two firms are building brand name in theUKto sign value. Different promotional strategies are employed including the use of social network, sponsoring soccer clubs and print media campaigns. Product strategies such as product innovations and differentiation will be evaluated to analyze how the two companies are using them in theUKmarket and how it contributes to beer consumption. Place strategy, the researcher will examine the distribution chain used by the companies to get their goods and services to consumers.

The impact of sign value on beer consumption in theUK. Research will use primary data which will be collected using both open and closed ended questions specifically designed to statistical information necessary for this study. These will be administered to the respondents by the researcher together with his assistants to various consumers of the two brands of beers in theUK. A sample of respondents will be randomly selected from different bars and consuming joints using probabilistic sampling.

Research hypothesis of this study will be to evaluate variables to be analyzed by the researcher. The first hypothesis determines the influence of Brand recognition through sign value to the consumption of Singha and Chang beer in theUK. Under this, we examine various ways the two Beer producing Companies have used to establish their brand in theUKmarket by examining their promotional strategy. The companies are engaged in ads and sponsoring ofUKpremier league teams as away of building the sign value of the beers inUK. The sign values framework is developed from jean Baudrilland which argues that people consume goods and services to differentiate themselves from others and gain status represented by the goods they consume.

The research aims to prove this hypothesis that people consume beer too gain status attached to the products and services using famous brands of beer produced in Thai, which have recently gained popularity in the UK. It also analyses different status attached to these two beers and how these status are attached. The second hypothesis determines reasons behind general consumption of beer in theUKusing Singha and Chang beer. The research findings are intended to answer the predetermined research questions of the study.

4.0. II Data collection and sources

This research is a case survey of two Thai beers and uses both primary and secondary data. Primary data will be collected by observation, studying of beer advertisements and by the use of questionnaires. The focus will be on two brands of beer, Chang and Singha. This data will be collected at places of beer consumption such as restaurants, bars and supermarkets selling the two brands of Thai beer, Singha and Chang where observations and interviews will be conducted to obtain views on reasons for increased consumption of the two brands. Samples of study will be chosen using probabilistic random sampling of places of consumption and the sampling of respondents.

In an effort to capture sign value behind consumption of these products in theUK, various advertisements from magazines, newspapers and internet will be sampled to obtain information on how they contribute towards enhancing product sign value. The study will finalize by investigating different factors influencing consumption of two brands of Thai beer in theUK. The questionnaires will be structured to capture all the elements of study using both open and closed ended questions. Likert point rating will be used to rate the respondents perception of factors contributing to Thai beer consumption in theUK.

Sampling of respondents will be done in two stages. First, stratified sampling technique will be employed to arrive at the venues of beer consumption. After identifying the sampling venues, random sampling of beer consumers will be conducted and questionnaires will be administered to the sampled respondents who will be required to answer the questions. Quality of measurement instrument for the research is checked during initial analysis of data and should follow the one in the literature and reliability test of measurement instrument are conducted before final analysis of collected data.

The research sample will constitute people of all ages, gender and geographic locations of theUK. Secondary data will be obtained from reliable sources and should constitute the subject matter of this research, which is sign value of the two Thai beers which has gained popularity in theUKmarket. Information on pricing will be used to assess whether price variations of two Thai beers inUKresulted in changes in consumption. A clear examination of advertising trends of the two products and customers’ response will be examined to asses the impact of advertisement on beer consumption in theUK, (Kruma, 2010).

Finally an evaluation of changes in product quality, packaging and tastes for two types of Thai beers with their corresponding impact on sales volume will be used to asses whether changes in tastes have any significant impact on beer consumption in theUKmarket. However, data collection exercise may be hampered by lack of cooperation from respondents since they may be drunk and give out false information which may compromise the results.

Collection of data in bars and restaurants may require permission and escort from law enforcers because of the likely dangers one encounters when dealing with drunkards. One may also need to be psychological prepared to encounter resistance and other forms of abuse while dealing with such kind of respondents.

5.0 III. Data analysis and presentation

This paper analyzes factors influencing high consumption of Thai beer inUK, by analyzing the contributions of sign value, price and taste of beers. It uses both primary and secondary information obtained from beer consumers and beer advertisements. The information obtained will be analyzed using the statistical program for social sciences. Data results will also be presented in form of graphs, percentages, mean, mode and other forms of statistical presentation.

Data cleaning will involve inspection of questionnaires during data entry stage to determine the response rate. Initial analysis will be conducted before data cleaning to establish data quality using different statistical methods such as frequency counts, air tables, descriptive statistics, normality and associations’ methods of statistical analysis whose results will be compared with the results of final data analysis. However the method of analysis during cleaning process will be the same method to be used in the final analysis of this research. This helps to determine whether the cleaning process did interfere with crucial information for the research.

Secondary information from media and internet advertisement will be analyzed using qualitative methods of analysis from which researcher’s judgment will be used to determine the extend of sign value contained in advertisements for the two brands of Thai beer. Stability tests will be carried out to determine the reliability of data results. The research equation will consists of beer consumption as the independent variable and sign values, beer price and beer tastes as the dependent variables. The interdependency between the dependent variables will be analyzed using t- statistics.



Operation Plan
Discuss the importance of Medicheck…………………

Business location
While the team gathered information about the usage of Medicheck, through out the country, it was noted that the customers wanted a central place or specific places they could gain access to the products faster. Furthermore, it became clear that the business had to be set in a major city where most people were in need of constant reminders to take their medicine due to the nature of their demanding jobs. Additionally, since the device could be accessed via their smart phones, the distributor outlets will be located in areas where most of the populations have smart phones in order to capitalize on profits. With the company having its headquarters near its business outlets, customers will have the ease of walking into the company to offer suggestions or critic the product at their own convenience. This way, adjustments proposed and problems noted by customers will be dealt with swiftly and expeditiously.
Being a new product the location of the business meets the criteria of the company because the company needs to keep customer relation close to ensure any problems are dealt with. Additionally the location of the company will allow the company to have plenty of space to handle more customers. Furthermore, the company’s location will enhance easier marketing and also allow the company to construct unique business hours so that all the customers can be served. The company will also cut down on its advertising costs.
Information Technology
MediCheck services will rely significantly on technology as technology has proved to be vital in today’s businesses (William, 1998). The primary technology will be the Smartphone which can be equated to a personal digital assistant in the current generation. Recently it has been found that most people own a Smartphone, the futures of a Smartphone enable people program their daily activities and hence form an essential part of the strategy of the company in marketing MediCheck (McNaughton, 2011). The software in Smartphones is open source and the company’s technicians can help in making adjustments to programs according to a customers needs.
The company too, will have to invest in the latest technology to be able to keep in track with the requirements of customers. Therefore the key department of the company will be the ecommerce and the IT infrastructure.
The company will employ the use of a website to serve as marketing, sales, information, communication and collaboration tool (Frank, 1997). This way the customers can request for additional information and even request more services or order for services online (Importance of Websites in Modern Business, n.d). The company will also create an online payment mechanism as it has been noted currently that most of technology’s business generates most of its revenue from online sells (Paunov &Vickery, 2004). Therefore a business website will form an integral part of the company’s business model. Furthermore availability of a website boosts the credibility of a company, while at the same time increasing efficiency in service delivery.
The Company sources most of its manufacturing product domestically as well as China (most of the products come from China). This is to minimize costs and therefore allow production flexibility and eradicating long shipping times.
A proper audit has been carried out on the Chinese products and they have been verified as capable and of best quality to manufacture the products associated with MediCheck. The company has had to verify the quality of the Chinese products because currently the company is using ISO 9002 factory approved assure consistency. The company chosen in China has got all near Hong Kong port and therefore this makes exportation convenient.
A prototype of the equipment to be used has already been sent to China to assure us of accuracy in production and also help in prize estimation and also help in determining pricing, tooling time, shipping and production.
The product however, doesn’t need fresh tooling to create other custom moulds. The company has signed a contract with the Chinese company and it is clear that our company owns all the rights, interest and title to the moulds thereof, and the moulds are to be used specifically for our company’s products and orders and that we reserve revocation orders on the moulds at any given period as the company deems fit.
Ken Peters
He is the founder and manager of the company. He has got an MBA in Strategic Management form the University of Chicago. He is a good project manager and a visionary leader.
Management Exposure
He has served at the Centre for Heart Disease as its GM for 5 years. Initially he was employed as GM at California General Hospital.
Financial Analysis experiences
He has also worked as a financial analyst for a period of three years and he worked with 2 companies related with health care providence. They include:
> Health International
> Heart care International

Peter Kenneth
“He is the co-founder of the company and a guru in sales and marketing. He has an MBA form Texas University and has 12 years experience in the sales and marketing field. He has worked with three top international companies which include:
> Johnson and Johnson
> Giant Pharmaceuticals
The two will form an integral part of the company organization with the remaining workers assisting with organizational implementation.
Financial planning
The Company has always funded itself in its previous projects. Most of the funds have been generated internally with the company’s founders investing their personal savings into the business. However the magnitude of this venture necessitates outside funding which has been arranged with two banks financing the venture for the next five years to a tune of $10 million. However, the company is seeking an initial equity of $3 million to help in expanding its operation, to further its marketing activities and accelerate its sales and build its management team. The company further expects donations from two other companies amounting to $5 million after two years to help in expanding the company further.