analysis chapter – I will attach a rough piece of text on this that I drafted out to g to be a chapter that bridges the methodology and the findings – I do not have room for analysis in the methodology so it must go separate and not become a findings interpretation of the analysis as this is already written in that section. I will attach the methodology and literature review chapters. The analysis needs to be set out so as to reflect the action research cycles and what I said that I would do in the methodology chapter. It needs to be a collection, collaboration of the process of coding that I used to analyse the data. the chapter must show the coding as an ongoing process in line with the action research cycles and how themes were organised over time. It needs to cover how themes and codes emerge out of the data and out of the literature as the study progressed. conceptual links need to be made to the analysis and what meaning making means needs to be addressed in terms of what this looks like in relation to the action research cycles. why and how some themes were selected over others also needs to be made explicit and how these were made sense of should be clear. the chapter must follow what I said I would do in the methodology with no generalised leaps and a clear rationale for the subsections. I will attach a draft of the results chapter but please note this is being rewritten in terms of its structure to reflect the action research cycles so will be changing in terms of format