The use of quantum dots in studying cell function

The use of quantum dots in studying cell function

Question 1:
Can quantum dots improve any existing method of diagnosis? And if so how?

Question 2:
While studying specific cell functions in the human body using nanocrystals,is there any threat for other human cells or DNA from these nanocrystals. Has there been any research that proves them as being safe??

Question 3:
Can quantum dots be used to deliver gene-silencing tools or target specific cells and are there any experiments that show the toxicity, in the use of quantum dots, for in vivo applications?

Question 4:
Has the use of quantum dots in studying cell function proved to be an advantage in studying cancer cells and have there been any medical breakthroughs using this technique?

Question 5:
In your poster you mention how the semiconductor shell improves the optical abilities of Quantum Dots. My questions for you would be – what properties of the shell allow it to make such improvements?
please writer confirm me by sending a message that you got the Question. please use some of the references and include them in your answer.

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