Commercial Law for Accountants

Topic: law
Using ONLY the source…..
Textbook: (Business Law, text and cases, Commercial Law for Accountants) by Miller.
Answer the following questions.
Answer the question fully using legal terminology from the chapter. Come to the conclusion don’t just state it. Reference the page number that each answer was found on next to the completed answer (example… no dogs are not allowed inside pg 77)
Read and answer the questions asked. Use all appropriate legal terms, define where necessary and cite to pages in book where possible.
1. Business Case Problem: 1-5 (page 14)
2. Reviewing: Partnerships and Limited Liability Partnerships (page 33). Do questions 1-4
3. Business Scenario: 3-1 (page 53)
4. Reviewing: Corporate formation and financing (page 72-73). Do questions 1-4.
5. Business Scenario: 5-2 (page 95)
6. Reviewing: Mergers and Takeovers (pages 108-109). Do questions 1-4.
7. Business Case Problem: 8-5 (page 151).
8. Business Scenario: 9-2 (page 170)
9. Explain the factors by which a worker employed as an independent contractor could be classified as an employee. What difference does the classification make? Does the agreement have to be in writing?
10. Business Case Problem: 11-4 (page 213)