Effect of Strain Variability on Heat Resistance .

Effect of Strain Variability on Heat Resistance of Listeria Monocytogenes

Order type: Thesis
1. Write a literature review about this topic( abstract, method, result ..etc) 2. design expermint( lab work) regarding this topic ( to work on it later) 3. there will be a lab work later, so expect to receive a data from me to included in the result and the conclusion.
4.Meta-analysis study will be combined with this thesis( Xls sheet files).
5. Update me every 3-4 days with any new out come.
6. Check the attached proposal that will help you to know more details regarding this Thesis.
7. Deadline and the order can be change and extend depending on the lab result or any new task from the supervisor.
8. Maybe a new order or change can be expected from my supervisor, just in case to inform you in advance many changes could be happened.
9. powerpoint presentaion is requierd just for 3 times