Develop a workable research thesis


Course Description: This is a multi-faceted course that studies the analyses of literary works and focuses on
the process of completing the senior thesis; aims to strengthen the student’s ability to research, interpret, and
synthesize information; to read carefully and think critically; to write skillfully; and to develop presentation
skills. Prerequisites: ENG 131-132 or ENG 199-200 (for English majors), 234, 336, 430, and six hours of
literature survey.
Course objectives:
• Develop a workable research / thesis topic
• Plan and draft the research / thesis manuscript
• Research traditional and electronic sources relevant to research topic
• Apply the MLA style guides and paper formatting guidelines to drafted research / thesis manuscript
• Choose words, grammatical constructions, and writing conventions according to Standard English usage and/or
appropriate to the purpose of the composition.
• Create and present condensed version of the complete thesis (via formal presentation)
Course Learning Outcomes:
• Demonstrate a stronger proficiency in using Standard American English (both spoken and written)
• Apply knowledge of and proficiency in writing acceptable literary/critical analyses
• Demonstrate knowledge of in-text citations and development of a list of works cited
• Apply three steps for presenting support of a claim: introduce the quotation, provide the quotation (with proper
in-text citation information), and give a follow-up commentary about the quotation that supports students’
initial claim
• Revise originally composed drafts of students’ writing more strategically and rhetorically
• Use modern technology and traditional methods to research, synthesize, and appropriately document critical
sections of the research / thesis manuscript