Technological Pedagogy Knowledge:

Technological Pedagogy Knowledge: This area involves advanced learning processes through the use of technology that contribute to a wider variety of differentiated instructional opportunities including iPads that have text to speech programs, SMARTboard with text magnification, and online educational games that provide immediate feedback.
Assignment Instructions
Using the classroom environment and the demographics created in Week Two, the instructional strategies that align with the CCSS in the blog created in Week Three, the unit plan created in Week Four, and the summative assessment created in Week Five, you will create the framework for a TPACK lesson plan.
Include the following in your lesson plan:
1.Title: The title of your lesson.
2.Grade level and basic class demographics.
3.Anticipated Outcome (Lesson Objective): This must be measurable and written to align with the CCSS.
4.Common Core State Standard: This can be from your Unit Plan.
5.NETS-T standard being met.