IT & Leadership


Paper: Why is it critical to have effective leadership in the information technology arena? The correlation between the information technology career field and leadership needs to be effectively introduced and explained (It is not acceptable to simply discuss effective leadership in general without the information technology linkage. Find references that talk about this!).

At the graduate level I expect you to go beyond the “bare bones minimum.” When appropriate, you should include references from outside authors (“A” level papers include references that go beyond the required textbooks or materials).

Your papers should provide evidence of graduate level reflection and not simple regurgitation. When you seek alternative references, make sure that these are integrated into the text rather than simply cut and pasted. Look for themes as you read the literature – common categories shared by multiple authors. Consider the implications of your findings. Always include a thoughtful ‘so what’ conclusion.

Your writing style and the application of grammatical and APA rules should be APA style, 6th edition. I will also consider the structure of your papers. Are they easy to read? Do you subdivide the topics into reasonable themes? Do you use subheadings where appropriate? You are in a graduate level program. I will reject undergraduate level work.