Innovation,Quality and the Internet

-1-Individual Assignment,Written Report with 2000 words.
Following structure:
Table of Content
Abstract or Executive summary
Main Part with Subheadings and references 2-3 per page
List of references
Please consider following information:
Search through the scientific literature theories and models (use above all the English words and use the online library!). Professor Joe Tidd from the University of Sussex has written this a very useful review of 2006. You should find 3-5 models or theories and compare them according to their characteristics. In this comparison, which can also be carried out as a table, you should work out the characteristics that let you know when to find which model is appropriate.
So then you have a good overview of topics and be sure to quickly find a case study of one of the methods you können.Beginnen then with the actual Paper: Light short the relevance of innovation (smanagement) in today’s economy. Then explain that you are representing the reader the issue at hand a case study. Describe the case study. Take The already gained knowledge of the theory / model Search: Describe only what is required for the later model / theory choice important or essential to the situation of the reader.
Explain are known for example the situation in the following chapter which theories and make them (as described above) to each other so opposite. Now use your description of the case study and compare it with the criteria. it would now be a model for the case study to offer.