Innovation model of design process

Master course, this essay ask me to apply my design process into a innovation model that tutor tought

on class. One of the model is called single loop and double loop. The book: ‘Teach smart people how to
learn’ contains how can this model work. And another book called: ‘the knowledge creating company’
Which talks about tacit and explicit. Now let me explain my design project. My pathway was product
design, therefore everything I do is normaly around products. My project is about craft, time and re-
design. The main idea is products changes too oftenly at moment, at same time craft(hand making skill)
has been forgoten. I am tring to use craft as a tool, to re-design everyday products. My goal is
extend product lifecycle, improve their function and way they work. It is all about innovation design.
I first try to understand what craft mean and why I think it is important. ‘The craftsman’ is the best
book for the craft part in this essay. Then I find the second piece: time. craft product is about time
and quality. Craftsman spend time on making them, not like machine rapidly produce hundreds of same
pieces. Craft is unique. Not like mobile phone or laptop, they updated too fast. I dont think most
people really need that. My craft product would offer user better use, better function and origanal
feel out of mess production. I also red the book: ‘Designing design’ there was a project the author
(Kenya Hara) did, which is re-design everyday product. I’d like to ask you use some examples of his
work to explain the meaning of re-design. The whole essay is about how did I use innovation model on
my craft-time-redesign projcet. The single and double loop is basicly a think and re-think methods. At
moment, I am researching product history and background stories. I am tring to understand how that
product came from and what stories it has when people invented it. Then I will re-design that product
by put its story into it, may be user need to do part of its making to finish the product. By that,
user spend their time on making the product, and I expect they will enjoy the making and also treasure
the product. The books for reference I can find is: ‘Teach smart people how to learn’Designing
design”The craftsman’ Those 3 need to be use for the essay.’The knowlege creating company’ if
optional, if needed. And I will also provide 2 diagram of the innovation thinking. I need you to find
some other quatations to make the essay looks nice. But I come from asian, so please use simple words
and common sentence. I dont want it to be too perfect. The mark of my essay is 100 top, 50 is pass. I
ask you to hold it between 60-75. Please contact if you have questions about my project or unclear
aspects! Btw, my design context is home, which means every product i will redesign should use in home.