How do social networks influence the use of drugs by young people

The influence of Social networks to use drugs
Can you explain a little about what types of drugs you take through using social networks?
How do social networks applications attract you to use drugs?
What types of drugs have you learnt about from social networks?
How do your peers use social networks to learn about drugs?
Social Networks application as distribution channel
How did social networks help you to get your drug needs?
How do your peers use social networks to get drugs?
Regarding to your experience, could you compare between regular way of getting drugs and electronic ways (social networks applications)?
Families and social networks

Could you explain me how families can fight the threats of social networks application as way to use drugs?
“There is a need for more awareness, to educate our youth and protect them from bad influences like drugs and the Internet” what do you feel about this statement? Could you explain moreto me?
Suggestions methods to minimize the threats of social networks
How can the government and authority protect young and adult people from getting drugs through Internet and social networks applications?
What do you think the responsibility of the owner and designer of social networks application in term drug using?
Any more suggestions?