Evaluating the use of social tagging in digital library Revision

The wanted work is two chapters (chapter 5 and chapter 6) about evaluating the use of social tagging in digital library thesis. You need to analysis the survey responds which are 144 responds by using SPSS (please increase from 148 to 175 responds) and then add to them at least 20 interview (Please do that by yourself) analyses to support the evidence that social tags is an important element needs to be taken in consideration and included in any digital library system in e-learning environment.
You will find enclosed 148 responds (please increase it from 144 to 175 responds)of the survey but the interview you need to make it by yourself. Any editing or adding to the work that suite the search and making it more valuable are more than welcome.
You will find original responds in Excel file.
Please note that the chapter 5 contain that:
Chapter 5 (Presentation of Findings) (between 30-35 pages)
5.1 Introduction
5.2 Findings
5.2.1 Demographic profile of respondents
• Age
• Level of Education
• Length of using digital library
5.3 General Analysis
5.3.1 Reliability Test
5.3.2 Validity
5.3.3 Descriptive statistics
social tagging in digital library.
User satisfaction.
Accuracy of retrieval information.
Also you should add here the analysis of the interview that you make it to test the hypothesis.
5.4 Hypotheses Test
5.4.1 Hypothesis 1
User satisfaction can be increased by using social tagging in digital library.
5.4.2 Hypothesis 2
Accuracy of research can be improved by using social tags in digital library.
5.5 Summary
The chapter 6 contain that
Chapter 6 (Discussion of Research Findings) (between 20-25 pages)
6.1 Introduction
6.2 Discussion of Research Findings

6.X Summary