Digital Divides

Minimum Word Count: 700 words
Maximum Word Count: 800 words
1) Define, compare, and discuss the terms “Digital Native” and Digital Immigrant”. What are the benefits and the pitfalls of this adversarial and oppositional standpoint of internet users and/or generations.
• The ‘tone’ of this question is academic and more ‘formal’.
2) Discuss and articulate your own experience (or perhaps that of your family or a friend) of the ‘Digital Divide’ or ‘Digital Inequality’. Give one example/experience and: name the type of digital divide and offer some explanation and description; give some insight into the experience/what happened; address the socio-cultural significance and implication of this digital divide experience individually and broadly. (Some hints to guide you: why does this discussion matter? why is this experience important? what does this experience show us about how the digital divide plays out in people’s lives? what does this example demonstrate about people’s relationship with the internet? etc. The key is to move beyond descriptive and grapple with the impact and role of this example in your life – and how it reflects and connects to larger societal issues.)
• The ‘tone’ of this question combines academic and casual tone.
• You must answer/address both questions.
• You are required to stay within the minimum and maximum word count.
• Please pay attention to your writing style – grammar and punctuation matter. Have someone proofread your work.
• Question 1 & 2 must include direct references to one or more of the assigned readings.
• Properly cite any readings that you use. Reference list is not included in the word count.
• Use APA format for citing the readings and for your reference list – no need for title pages, or other formatting for this assignment.
• Do not use any direct quotes in your module submissions. Instead, rephrase and cite properly.