Qualitative Procedures

Read the qualitative procedure plan. Use the checklist in the table below to provide feedback on this article.

Are the following topics addressed?

• Are the basic characteristics of qualitative studies mentioned?
• Is the specific type of qualitative strategy of inquiry to be used in the study mentioned? Is the history of, a definition of, and applications for the strategy mentioned?
• Does the reader gain an understanding of the researcher’s role in the study (past historical, social, and cultural experiences, personal connections to sites and people, steps in gaining entry, and sensitive ethical issues)?
• Is the purposeful sampling strategy for sites and individuals identified?
• Are the specific forms of data collection mentioned and a rationale given for their use?
• Are the procedures for recording information during the data collection procedure mentioned (such as protocols)?
• Are the data analysis steps identified?
• Is there evidence that the researcher has organized the data for analysis?
• Has the researcher reviewed the data generally to obtain a sense of the information?
• Has coding been used with the data?
• Have the codes been developed to form a description or to identify themes?
• Are the themes interrelated to show a higher level of analysis and abstraction?
• Are the ways that the data will be represented mentioned (such as tables, graphs, and figures)?
• Have the bases for interpreting the analysis been specified (personal experiences, the literature, questions, action agenda)?
• Has the researcher mentioned the outcome of the study (developed a theory, provided a complex picture of themes)?
• Have multiple strategies been cited for validating the findings?

Research topic
Central phenomenon

The strategy of inquiry:
Which strategy?
Why is it appropriate?
Data collection:
Who were the participants?

How were participants selected?