Topic: Minitab Assignment (Formative Assessment 1 )

This formative assignment is designed to enable to you to hone skills of data gathering, data analysis using statistical software, and written communication of findings from data analysis.

The assignment requires you to gather cross-sectional data, find time series data, analyses the data using appropriate techniques, interpreting the output you have obtained and preparing a summary of your findings.

Task 1: For the seminar in the week commencing 6th October you will receive a Data Requirement Brief (DRB). This will identify the variables that you must investigate and 30 states from each of two regions of the world, e.g. Europe and Americas.

Find values for your variables for the 30 states in each of the two regions from electronic or paper sources. This type of data is referred to as cross-sectional data.

Task 2: Collect a set of approximately 20 observations of a single time series for one of the states on your DRB list. A time series consists of a set of observations that have been collected regularly over a period of time. Your time series should be related to business.

Task 3a: For your cross-sectional data produce a comparative boxplot and summary measures to describe and compare your two data sets.

Task 3b: Using the template provided on NOW, write a summary of your findings.

Task 4a: For your time series data plot an appropriate graph and identify the components that are evident in the time series.

Task 4b: Using the template provided on NOW, write a summary of your findings.

You should use the template provided on NOW to interpret and summaries your findings. This should be no more than 1000 words in length (excluding diagrams and appendices). You should attach your data list, DRB and Minitab output to your report in the form of appendices.