qualitative Interviews & insights

INSTRUCTIONS – what you will do
• Identify the behavior, process, consumer experience, or question you want to address. Be
specific. For example, if you have never colored your hair, you might examine hair coloring. Or if
you’ve never shaved you may want to analyze behaviors around shaving facial hair.
• Determine your target and identify interviewees. Again, be specific and precise so you have a
homogenous group. For example, you may choose to interview people who regularly dye their hair,
or men who shave daily.
• Write a series of screening questions to qualify your participants, based on the first two steps.
• Write your interview/discussion guide.
• Conduct 5 individual, in-person interviews.
• Analyze your data.
• Write your final report.
CONTENT – What your report must include (18 points)
1. Study Objectives (what did you want to learn about, and why?)
2. Method –how you selected participants, how you gathered information
3. Findings –what you learned, based on the answers provided in the interviews. This is where you
summarize the data and offer your INSIGHTS
4. Summary and conclusions, including suggestions for further research
5. Attach your screening questions and interview guide
FORMAT – What your report must look like (2 points)
• Use Times Roman or equivalent 12-point font, 1” margins, double-spaced
• Be sure to include your name, PID, course name, section number, and date.
• Your report should be 4 – 5 pages, not including attachments, stapled.
• Correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation are required and points will be deducted for errors.
EVALUATION – How your report will be graded
Assignments will be graded based on adherence to all requirements, thoroughness of answers,
accuracy, and creativity.