Qualitative Data Analysis

Research Topic: Building a Sustainable Society (*******My Case company is” Solar City” )
You are part of a global consultancy group who are investigating the topic of a sustainable Australia.
Towards this endeavour, your team is proposing a series of sustainable solutions, particularly in built
up areas of New South Wales and Victoria, followed by Queensland and other parts of Australia. You
will assess research data collected from Australia and other countries attempting similar projects.
For this research project, you have interviewed a group of researchers on various relevant topics,
including sustainable living, energy, transport, lifestyle etc. and gathered evidence from industry
reports and case studies. You may consult practitioner and government reports to add to existing
data collected (in the seminars). You are to prepare an individual report that consolidates your
analysis, findings and discussion on developing a sustainable society.
Aims of the Report
The report would outline your research into the latest trends and developments regarding
sustainable themes, and analyses of qualitative data from various relevant sources. The report needs
to be constructed professionally, demonstrate appropriate analytical strategies, and include data
representations (i.e. tables, graphs and models) and their interpretations.
1. Consolidate the large dataset into an analytical software
2. Perform appropriate qualitative analysis on your data
3. Consolidate your key themes and findings from your empirical investigation
4. Discuss your findings, state the contributions and implications on practice

*********The data collection method you should use Nvivo, you can download for free and it can organizing your source and Article, you can take a screenshot of Nvivo‘s result and put it in the report.