Financial Feasibility


Topic: Financial Feasibility

Order type: Statistics Project
Draft 6: Financial Feasibility Part 1 – 55 Points: Most feasibility studies include 5 years of financial projections. These projections help determine how realistic the project is while clearly demonstrating all the assumptions that are being made within the study.

Time to put some numbers to paper:

Sheet 1: Determine an overall project cost estimate including the following line items:
a. Building and site improvements costs

b. FF&E costs

c. Soft costs

d. Pre-Opening Capital

e. Initial fees

Sheet 2: Develop an opening balance sheet using the following assumptions
a. At this point the developer feels he can invest 20 % of the initial project costs

b. Balance of overall project costs will be funded through a 25 years loan
Sheet 3: Create a loan amortization and depreciations schedules for both the Building and FF&E Depreciations.

For the amortization and depreciation schedules use the skills you learned in DAT2236 and ACC2239. to help complete this section.

a. Create a loan amortization schedule for the first 5 years . The loan is set at 8% interest rate over 25years.

b. Create a 5 year building depreciation schedule using straight line depreciation over 30 years with a 30% residual value.

c. Create a 5 year FF&E depreciation schedule using DDB depreciation over 10 years with 5% residual value