Why we should All Be Vegetarians

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Whether someone is vegetarian or not the body requirements for meat related nutrition’s remain constant, vegetarians base their anti-meat diets on varying reasons like its against some religious doctrines, the pain caused to the animal, animal suffering and related diseases that an individual can acquire from consuming meat, digestive cancer that is caused by red meat such as of colon ,pancreas, esophagus , and stomach, fuel the chances of suffering from heart diseases not to mention the fatal risky of red meat been a catalyst of premature dead. Therefore if the meat nutrients can be substituted and have less harm than the harm caused by the meat, we should all be vegetarian.

According to UN Food and Agriculture Organization it takes 2400 liters to produce hamburger, and 7000 liters of water to produce a beefsteak! In contrast to 40 liters of water required to produce a slice of bread therefore meat industry is causing a lot of environmental impacts due to the water consumption. Too animal keeping is substantially contributing to global warming due to the emission of green house gases to the environment.  Five percent of American consider themselves as vegetarian as shown by CNN poll in 2002, this is due to the fact that health related risks reduce drastically such as digestive cancer, stroke and hypertension

Pain caused by human to non human is enough to turn someone to a vegetarian, this can be argued out that plants do not feel pain in contrast to what animals go through in the event of trying to get meat from them,it is a process that involves killing the animal as Singer (1990, P. 235) argues, that “nonhuman animal can feel pain”, and human should refrain from inflicting pain. In consideration of diets the one containing meat based products is not in any comparison better than that of vegetarian as the latter one is lighter and too its cholesterol free, not forgetting that meat contains less amounts of iron compared to beans. But if one is not eating meat products then he/she should take supplements of protein B12

Plant related diets makes somebody live longer, while on the other hand meat products causes clogging of the arteries  where by this gives kidney functions to be strenuous with excess  protein. Accordingly vegetarian diet is pocket friendly, economical and almost anyone can afford to put it on the table as compared to meat related diets