Theorizing Health Communication

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The author, Winnickoff, et al (2009), wanted to establish beliefs about the health effects of third hand smoke and home smoking bans, there was the sure intent to asses the health beliefs of adults on the issue of exposing children to third hand smoke, whether smokers and non-smokers have different views on the same. How does cigarette smoking affect people and mostly children? The author addressed issues such as the types of smoke to be able to fully understand and come up with concrete facts. There are different types of smoking, which are second hand smoking and third hand smoking.

There is no form of exposure that could label as safe. All levels of exposure have their own effects. States have then been compelled to form laws that govern cigarette smoking to protect other people who might be easily exposed to such environments. For instance, people who work in bars, workplaces and the like. Second hand smoking has been found to have adversely affect adults and causing a high rate of death. The third hand smoking has been found to affect the health of young children.
According to Winnickoff, et al (2009), beliefs about the effects of thirdhand smoking on health are independently connected with total restriction of smoking at home. It was clear that thirdhand smoking is a health hazard to young children and is an important fact to consider as a reason enough to push for bans on smoking at home. The health information on thirdhand smoke contamination can easily be placed in current tobacco campaigns, programs as well as clinical practices.
Types of cigarette smoke and their effects to the people exposed to them is also an important factor to understand to be able to find best ways of alienating the same and keeping on the low effects caused by the same. For instance if one has to smoke at home he should then ensure that the fans are on , windows are open or smoke from somewhere open and far from the house and wait until that smell of smoke is over.
How well are people exposed to facts concerning cigarette smoke and their effects? Healthcare (2008).  How do beliefs vary from different groups, what do they think about cigarette smoke and how willing are they to adapt to a healthier way of living was some of the important factors that the author had in mind.
If people are able to follow policies stipulated concerning cigarette smoke the lives of people will be in less danger. People will be in a position to avoid sicknesses arising from such smoke for instance, lung cancer or chest problems. The lives of children and their health will also be safe, as they will no longer be exposed to harmful smoke. People at work will also feel respected in that they will not be forced to inhale the smoke that comes from smokers especially from bars. There are obvious dangers if people literally ignore the obvious negatives of smoking. The number of death rates will increase as well as poor health conditions caused by cigarette smoke could be highly realized.
There was an effort to find out the major beliefs on the effect of third hand smoke to children, in that connection, there were varying differences between adult. Some of them felt that the third hand smoke affected children whereas others thought the secondhand smoke affected children. According to the author, it was arrived at that, third hand smoke was independently associated with rules prohibiting home smoking whereas second hand smoking was not independently connected to rules prohibiting smoking at home or in vehicle.