Strategic Human Resource-Hiring FBI

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Federal Bureau of investigation is a police department that plays a major role in protection and security matters. Law is effectively enforced through this department and response to any cases of insecurity. Amongst their major duties is response to any acts of criminal nature or terrorist attacks on the citizens. Those who work for the FBI deal with criminal investigation, intelligence divisions, counter terrorism and cyber crimes amongst others. This is done through roving patrols, identification of checks and internal patrols. Electronic intrusion and communication is monitored by the FBI. Given the heavy duties that they are expected to perform there are set qualifications (Gatewood, Fellid, Barrik, 2008 pp 234).

A series of assessment questions are used to hire special agents. A combination of multiple hurdles is used to qualify/ disqualify candidates at each stage. One has to fill a preliminary application form so as to determine if you meet the minimum qualifications which are,  be a US citizen or from the common wealth Northern Mariana,

  • be 23-37 years of age,
  • have professional work experience for three years,
  • apply through the FBI field covering your area of residence,
  • have a valid driving license, pass a standardized physical fitness test,
  • pass a background information consisting polygraph tests and drug test
  • Possess a high school diploma (Paul, Karen, Terry, & Frances, 2008).

After this process one fills a questionnaire which states the applicant’s background information. Once you successfully complete the second hurdle you are given three tests which are bio data inventory, cognitive and situational tests. The fourth step is application for the job and only those who passed phase I proceed to phase ii which is the fifth process. The final screening process entails drug tests, polygraph, background investigation, personnel security and physical fitness exam. Successful candidates are recruited immediately.

Strategic human resource

            A strategic plan of hiring the human resource is used to lay out steps that are crucial for any organization. It is a plan that ensures organizations have the right skills, right number of employees to carry out tasks at the right time. Human resource managers are assigned the heavy duty of looking into the company’s vision, mission and objectives. The strategy used to achieve the mentioned points is therefore important so as to achieve all the goals and hit set targets. The manager alone cannot make it and he requires cooperation from employees as well as the clients. Several characters are needed when one seeks to recruit employees for instance passion, creativity, motivation, ability to work with team members and potential. These factors are backed up by set qualifications so as to meet job specifications (Jackson, Schuller, & Werner, 2009).

For the manager to develop a human resource he has to be well knowledgeable about what the organization needs so as to perform the job satisfactorily. Factors like job analysis, task identification, skills required and ability to perform the task have to be considered. Managers use job description to outline duties that applicants will be expected to perform. Job specification on the other hand is used to specify details of qualifications that are necessary so as to perform the job for instance skills, abilities and level of qualification.

The multiple hurdle approach if taken to appoint and select special agents is faced by advantages as well as disadvantages. It is a compelling and challenging career at the same time is of great importance to citizens as their security is vital for survival. To some people being an FBI is an exceptionally rewarding career.

Advantages and disadvantages of using the multiple hurdles approach

Requirement cut off

Multiple hurdles as an approach requires test takers to pass each test procedure by scoring more than the cut off scores. Each applicant is therefore expected to meet the hurdle for the cut off set then go to another predictor. For one to remain a viable applicant you must sequentially pass each predictor. This thus makes selection of the best easy and ensures that all who are selected have met a set requirement.

Failure to successfully pass a cutoff in any stage means that you automatically lose the opportunity. No further consideration is given, meaning that second chances do not exist in the multiple hurdles approach. This becomes a disadvantage as many factors contribute to not meeting the cutoff score. Potential should not be confined to a set cut off point as it limits ability to further careers (Gatewood, Fellid, Barrik, 2008 pp 234).


Is rated as the best

The fact that it uses a double strategy to select the suitable applicants has had it rated amongst the best strategies of selection. In a variation of this approach those whose scores fall above c2 are automatically accepted while those with c1 are rejected. Those who fall in between c1 and c2 are accepted and further subjected to an additional test which determines who will be selected. The approach thus is said to be equal and superior to all other strategies. When compared to the multiple cutoff approach which uses a similar cut off procedure it is less costly as it narrows down the applicant in each stage saving the assessment cost. More expensive selection devices are used toward the end of the procedure when the applicants are assured of getting the job. It is used as an approach that helps reduce assessment cost by administering available screening devices to everyone then having those who succeed above the score take more expensive tests.

One disadvantage of this procedure however is that validity of predictors cannot be established. At each stage the selection process is normally reducing the applicant pool, restriction of range and ability distribution is an error likely to occur.


Time factor

A careful procedure of selecting and using variation methods to reach cut off points is used in the multiple hurdles approach. The need to successfully recruit qualified applicants is normally the target of every organization. However, when looking for employees there has to be a demand for workers who will put the organization back to its feet as fast as possible. When too much time is wasted in the recruitment process organizations suffer loses. Time consumed in an effort to recruit the best may never be recovered.

It is disadvantaged in that there’s a lengthy period required to complete the cycle of selection at each stage. Time is a risky factor bearing in mind that some institutions need to recruit members who will start working immediately, selection decisions may be delayed. In situations where there is a high demand for service to citizens like the FBI department this may not be a viable method. Other institutions like software programming which require immediate intervention of applicants may be disadvantaged due to long delays. Time taken to administer and score requires patience yet an applicant targets getting a job as soon as possible. Some organizations indirectly lose eligible applicants who give up before getting to the final stage (Gatewood, Fellid, Barrik, 2008 pp 235).



It is an approach that is appropriate in situations where training is complex and long. When a certain job performance is required testing a certain skill or knowledge becomes useful by use of multiple hurdle approach. This approach leaves no room for recruitment through corrupt means.

The process becomes appropriate when hiring the FBI where test takers are expected to pass several tests so as to be licensed or certified. It is an approach that requires those being recruited to pass a safety test for in stance in the FBI or organizations in nuclear power plants.

Being too precise limits creating opportunity for diversity meaning that one only concentrates on a specific point (Jackson, Schuller, Werner, 2009 pp264).

Applicant’s perspective

The perspective of a job applicant is crucial and multiple hurdle approach makes it possible to identify that fact. If the process of selection is flawed or unfair the applicant has a right to withdraw their application. Candidates who are highly qualified for the job are also given the opportunity to withdraw if they no longer want to the job offer.

It may be challenging to the organization if the chosen applicant suddenly withdraws. Finding the qualities needed may be cumbersome after a successful applicant goes through the whole process then quits.


Does the selection process appeal or turn off to work as an FBI?

The lengthy selection process of the FBI would appeals to some extent as the job involves protection of citizens and their rights. Guarding lives is requires utmost professionalism and only the best qualified. The security of all citizens is left to the FBI and merit should be the only criteria if we are to feel safe. The use of multiple hurdle approach involves a long process for the best to be selected.

This process has a strategic importance in that only the best will be fixed to fill the job vacancies. Those applicants who have a passion for such careers have to persist and give the best to attain personal objectives in their career. Careful selection of applicants displays factors like preference, technical competencies, personality traits that are crucial for the organization. When the procedure is completed one is assured that the applicants selected have attained all requirements for the job. It gets better if the applicant walks into the career with passion and optimism as they will build a successful and fulfilled career.

Designing such a selection process is very important when selecting the FBI as it helps achieve a match between the individual and job situation. It helps organizations to acquire information about the applicant which will be useful in future job relations. Sometimes lack of full job description and requirements limits the applicant from going through the process. Prior information on what the applicant is expected to do so as to qualify makes the process easier though lengthy. For instance when one has the information on the physical fitness test which sums to give the final result, they are able to start exercising and keeping the body fit.

Legal considerations in the US are imperative bearing in mind the fact that the FBI work closely with the government. Legal decisions and court orders are strictly followed to ensure that no mistakes will arise in the future. It has an advantage in that unfair judgments are avoided and work force is enhanced)


What the FBI can do to increase the chances of applicants accepting job offers

Many people wish to apply for job opportunities but have to meet set criteria’s to get the job. Applications for FBI jobs are normally made but they only are able to hire a few people following the limited vacancies.

Some qualifications given by the FBI may be lowered so as to give room for people who are passionate about this career. For instance the approach used may consider certain qualifications instead of cutting off applicants before they can go halfway through the interview. Talent and outstanding potential should be considered too as this lasts far beyond paper qualifications.

Since there are several categories under which one works those who desire to work for the institution should be fixed into other departments if they fail to meet the criteria for the special agents. Accounting, Law, Language, Forensics and IT departments which work closely with special agents for instance would be other programs for applicants (Jackson, Schuller, & Werner, 2009).

Expanding the FBI further would also create room for applicants to have job opportunities. The applicants will probably accept job offers if there seems to be vacant positions but if it seems crowded and full they are likely to overlook the opportunities. Applicants want job security and feeling as if the applications they send may be threatened makes them hopeless.

The advertisement matters a lot as it helps applicants to psychologically prepare for themselves for the task ahead. Proper prior preparation prevents poor performance and helps one to be fit for the test. In a case study to recruit police in New York, Fulton it was observed that a simple announcement on vacancies usually provided an adequate number of applicants. One problem cropped up in that despite passing the written civil service test for screening and hiring purposes they failed the physical agility test. A research into the cause of this problem was established as inadequate preparation which led to a decline in the number of applicants applying for the job. The shortage of applicants seriously affected the department and measures were immediately put up to rectify the trend. The physical agility test which involves flexibility and push ups within a given amount of time needs candidates to be fit having had plenty of time to exercise. The 1.5 mile run for instance which is also inclusive is not something that you wake up and do to earn a job. This is one stage that many candidates were laid off from leaving vacancies.

Eligible candidates lost at this stage troubled the department heavily. Of importance however is the fact that to increase the number of candidates applying for the job the police department modified and rectified administration of written tests as well as agility tests. Prior posting of job requirements also worked fabulously to prepare the candidates in advance especially for the agility test (Gatewood, Fellid, Barrik, 2008 pp 236).

The ultimate goal of any manager is to have the best employees work for the success of an organization. Success is highly dependent on human resource as they are the source of skills needed to accomplish the job. The process and criteria used to short list applicants is very fundamental because it determines what the future of the organization will be. Those who best qualify should be given the first priority as quality comes from the qualified.