Recruitment and Selection of Staff

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Selection and recruitment of staff is critical to the success of an organization. The success of any organization is pegged on hiring people who possess the right skills, and experience that can seriously venture into the competitive market and promote the organizations goals. The organization must thus invest a lot of time and energy in ensuring that those that are selected successfully carry on with the organization’s mission as well as objectives. Hiring of staff can turn into a lottery if it is not done correctly.

With no signs of abating for the taut labor market, organizations are realizing that constant hiring of staff is the key to their success. The people’s expectations on the organization also continue to rise prompting the organization to improve on their strategies in order to obtain their confidence. However, for the ultimate success of any activity, a lot of planning must be exercised by the key people involved. An organization that intends to hire staff must show a lot of commitment to the activity and in order to be on the right track (Richardson, 2004).


Recruitment basically entails the process of legally finding a number of people so that both the organization and the people can work together for their long term interest, a process that should be done at the right time and place. In other words, the organization can select their staff from a pool of candidates to fill the available vacancies. Therefore, the recruitment of staff in an organization should be based on the position and level of the job. Some positions are filled internally while others may require external recruitment.

Without doubt recruiting of staff is an important activity so how it is done becomes even more essential. Poor strategies in recruiting can lead to long term consequences to the organization. At its worst, the organization will definitely lose its edge on the market in the face of fierce competition. Even public services that did not have to worry about their services have been forced to pay more attention to the delivery of their services as tax payers have too demanded better services. In essence they too are exploring all possible ways to satisfy their consumers, and as Melvin (2010) asserts, this provision starts with the process of recruitment.

Like in ABC, Inc., recruitment goes hand in hand with training since the new candidates must undergo extensive orientation in order to start working. However, there are aspects that must be religiously followed if this process is to succeed. Key among this is careful planning. An organization must not wake up one day and decide to recruit staff and on the other start training them. Carefully identify and document the process. In many organizations, job openings are advertised in order to ensure that the right people turn up.  Time schedules are also necessary to ensure that activities go as scheduled. The recruitment of staff must not interfere with the smooth running of other businesses in the organization.

Key problems

Carl Robins, ABC, Inc recruiter overlooked a few things in his recruitment endeavor.  Despite assuring the operations manager that everything will be arranged in time, Carl failed to carefully plan for the recruitment and training. Despite being new in the job, there are a few options that Carl should have considered. For instance, why were the applications not completed or their transcripts on file? It could mean that the recruits were not qualified for the job and thus chose not to attach their transcripts. This clearly indicates that the application for recruitments failed to follow the right criteria. This may also indicate that the recruits had not been interviewed and there may be no reference list should the organization need future reference. There may have been no job description for the new recruits or Carl simply failed to follow them. This provides a key problem in that the recruits may not be fit for the job and this will in turn have negative consequences for the organization.

Similarly, Carl did not adequately plan nor schedule the training as would have expected. The applications were not reviewed on time and the new hires had not been sent to the clinic. The new recruiter waited until the last minute to review the files. The new recruits had not been sent to the clinic, as the new campus recruiter, Carl is endowed with delegating responsibility so they ought to have been sent to the clinic earlier than that. In the same way, the training room had been booked for computer training the entire month and Carl was unaware of this, it is clear that adequate communication had not been made in the organization.

As stated in the thesis, the selection and recruitment of staff in an organization is critical to its success and ample preparation is necessary. The problems that arose at ABC, Inc clearly indicate that the new recruiter was poorly prepared for the job and this led to the defects. Poor coordination of activities in the organization also led to the problems in the long run. For instance Carl should have checked the bookings of the training room in order to make amendments or schedule the training for a later date. In as much as Carl is quite new on the job most of the issues arose because he lacked preparation and planning. There was no clear policy on the recruitment process and the training schedule. For effectiveness in recruitment, proper planning ought to have been put in place.



Being the last week of May, it would be impossible to hold the training at the scheduled time; however, Carl still has a few options he could explore. Hiring decisions is an investment that secures the future an organization. The way in which it is done is very essential. The best thing for the new ABC, Inc recruiter to do is to review the whole recruitment. It would not be a noble idea for him to proceed with training for recruits whose transcripts are missing.  Prepare a detailed job description for the new recruits and demand for the transcripts to be presented. If some of the recruits fail to meet the criteria, re advertise the job in due time and get more recruits to fill the positions.

Alternatively, Carl can re schedule the time set for training since the training room may not be booked for the entire day. For instance the training can be moved to early morning hours or late evening hours or during the weekends. However, this would be quite challenging considering the transcripts are missing, the screening has not been done and the training manuals are missing. Should this be possible, Carl could delegate responsibility to a colleague and ensure these issues are settled within a day or two.

However, both options will impact on the organization and its employees. The first option means that the organization will be able rectify previous mistakes and work towards its success. The second option however may mean that the organization may end up hiring incompetent people and this will have long term negative consequences to the success of the organization. Rescheduling the time for training may also not go well with the new employees since normal working hours are specified. It will be even more difficult if the contact already states otherwise.


Proposed solution

It will be necessary for ABC, Inc to reschedule the training for another month. Since this is a major milestone for the company to success, a lot of caution needs to be taken in hiring them. Reviewing their transcripts and sending them for screening should be done immediately. If they satisfy the job description, then Carl can confidently set the training for July. He should ensure that the right bookings are made in regard to the training room and the orientation manuals prepared.

In the same way, if the new hires fail to meet the job description, it will be necessary to re hire new people. Unfortunately, this means that the company will spend more money on recruiting but the long term consequences will be appealing. ABC, Inc can also use outsourcing as an alternative. This way, they will enlist the services of experts in hiring and also do so at a cheaper cost. It will also be to the disappointment of the operations manager since Carl had already assure her that all is in order. However, based on the available options, it will only be wise if the training is postponed.


For ABC, Inc to develop a significant recruitment policy, they need to know how their system operates. It is essential for the new recruiter to conduct a recruit audit of the company to evaluate its need and the necessary amendments. For instance how have recruitments been done in the past? What changes have occurred in the company that would necessitate a review of these procedures? After he has had a clear picture, then he can proceed to hire recruits based on this understanding. Subsequently having reviewed the hiring cycle, Carl will be able to successfully hire and recruit people into the organization. Consequently, since hiring and training go hand in hand, several aspects regarding the organization coordination of activities need to be rectified. Though Carl had failed to adequately plan, the rest of the staff in the organization reveal there is lack of coordination in the company. For instance the training office should not be booked for an entire month. The period is too long since other activities run in the office. In the same way, communication is important and ensures procedures are communicated in the office making it easier to coordinate events.

In conclusion, whatever the policy used in recruitment, the main aim is to recruit candidates best qualified for a job and who will exemplify a lot of commitment. Only such a team can carry forward the goals of the organization and contribute its success. Without doubt, such a delicate process will require a lot of commitment, planning as well as skills. As Richardson asserts, the success of any recruitment process is highly related to its planning. Therefore, ABC, Inc. needs to review its policies and improve on planning. This way, future job recruitments will be conducted with ease (Richardson, 2004).