Radiologists Assistants in increase of Productivity

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1.0 Introduction

As the number of people and the radiologists in practice dwindle, there has been an immense need for all the physician extenders who are in radiology (Donna, JEFF, James, Vicki, Tony, Randy, Jackson & Richard, 2008).  Radiologists Assistants have an immense potential of becoming a vital component as far as radiology is concerned as they reduce the work loads as well as the burden for the responsibilities in the area of their practice. This paper hence focuses on the rationale and the major reason why radiologists’ assistants increase productivity. It will also focus on the available literature review and its limitations as well as recommendations.

1.1 Rationale

The RA productivity is imperative in the fact that productivity do serve as the main perquisite in improving  of radiology care and to some extent patients might not get full attention and care without being helped by the RA’s. This topic will hence focus on giving some limelight on the importance of RA’s as far as productivity is concerned.

1.2 Research Questions

  • Does Radiologists Assistants increase productivity?
  • What is the importance of Radiology in medicine?
  • What are the problems in radiologist profession?

1.3 Research problem

There has been a shortage among the radiologist workforce which makes it complex for the patients to access quality care thus there is increased time of waiting, complaints and complications that make the quality of care quite poor. The responsibilities of RA in the improving of productivity as well as efficiency can be enhanced.

2.0 Literature review

It is usually assumed that the RA as well as the radiology practitioner assistant (RPA) work similarly as the physician extenders (Rebecca, Beth & William, 2009). Radiologist profession is usually associated with heavy shortages of the workforce thus the radiologists find it quite complex to go ahead and cope with the responsibilities (Jane, Brian, Lisa, Manuel & Darla, 2000). The RA is effective solution to the challenging issues and hence could enhance productivity of the radiology departments.

The RA’s cooperate with the radiographers in interpreting studies and since there is complexity of the entire imaging process, there is a need for professional radiologist’s assistants (Nightingale & Hogg, 2007, pp. 284-290).  The RA can support the radiologists in their functions through assisting them in the double reading, and hence the reports and interpretations can become the main measure of quality among the RA’s. The RA’s can easily resolve issues to do with patient dissatisfaction, long waiting times, insensitivity, lack of communication and other issues.

2.1 De limitations

There has been insufficiency of vast case studies focusing on the role of RA’S and their importance.

3.0 Recommendations

There ought to be further research on the importance of radiologists’ assistants and how they increase productivity. With the rate of shortages in the workforce, there ought to be more information on the RA’s and their importance in the radiology field.

4.0 Conclusion

Radiologists Assistants are increasingly being recognized as effectual solution to radiology care issues. Shortages in the workforce lead the radiologists to perform more routine functions. The RAs are beneficial options to the hospitals as they improve productivity and care through the reduced waiting times, enhanced quality, efficient interactions of the patients, and reduced numbers of lawsuits and complications for malpractice.