Organizational Ethics

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Ethics and values are central in any organization. Values are those integral things that are crucial to people. Ethics refers to philosophical science that bases its reasoning on wrongness and rightness of human actions (Dinesh, 2007, pp.1). Ethics refers to values and beliefs of the society and individuals. Professional values are the motivating factors that do appeal to people as far as job selection is concerned. Professional ethics is based on morality that does influence how people handle their people as well as business. The base of professional values is formed from the influence of personality. Individual values come from work experiences, personal satisfaction and future objectives. As a former employee of Janssen Pharmaceutics organization, I have learnt a lot to do with the organization of the company. It is therefore imperative to analyze my personal values and ethics, mission statement, personal code of ethics and Janssen Pharmaceutics culture, values, mission and vision statement and other beneficial factors that are theory related.

Personal values, value statements and mission statement

Values are usually qualities and traits that represent one’s priorities and driving forces (Susan, 2010).  Values consist of all the things that have happened in life and include the influence of peers, family, parents, religious affiliation, education and others. Rational people recognize the environmental influences as well as identity hence develop a concise, clear and meaningful beliefs and values. When in an organization, one usually brings out the immense held beliefs and values to the entire organization. The value statements define how the people behave towards each other in an institution, family, organization and company. They are the statements on how organization does value its suppliers, customers and the entire community. For any one to make it in leadership, they are always governed by some certain personal ethical principles and values.  The following are some of my values: I am open minded and ready to admit my mistakes, honest, intelligent, fulfills commitments, compassionate, respectful, responsible and ready to face challenges, ambitious, loyal, credible, innovative, competent, efficient, empathetic, influencing, optimistic, flexible and dependable.

The mission statement usually articulates the mission of the firm as well as defining issues that are quite critical in order to gain success (Schweitzer & Bert, 2006, 10-99). The issues usually vary according to the firm and can either be financial metrics or philanthropic accomplishments for example meeting the growth target for assets or clients under management. Building a mission statement is not only about pursuing wealth but will be meant to help my clients to achieve planned objectives thus fulfilling the professional goals to which I take pride in.

My mission is to recall where I will be and have been through maintenance of positive relationships with friends, workers and family. I will choose the ethical way through maintaining personal commitments to integrity and honesty. To find peace with myself by inward insight by using my heart in order to guide my desires and dreams as well as my mind in pursing knowledge and creating balance in my obligations. To content in my environs in order to realize where security is situated in my life and build a dedicated reputation to each goal I pursue as I enjoy each moment in looking for happiness, love and laughter each day.  I am a good communicator and will challenge myself to utilize the gift in delivering effectual messages to others. I lend people my voice as well as craft their ideologies in order to motivate other people to act. I see what makes others not succeed and remove common obstacles as I enjoy setting the stage and stock fires. I am empathetic and this helps me to enable others. I give back to the society what I have gotten. I am here because I improve the lives of those I meet with and this is my measure.

Personal code of ethics

Personal code of ethics states the philosophies and ideas that are of essence to life. A code of ethics encourages one to continue and carry on with their routine work. It plays a vital role in enhancing the ethical questioning in organizations (Painter & Mollie, 2010, pp. 265-279).

My personal code of ethics is as follows:

  1. Competent- I will be competent in all that I do to achieve the highest success and help others to achieve it.
  2. Integrity- I will portray the highest rational and reasoning base in my career giving to the society what I got and doing it all in an open critical mind
  3. Attitude- I will always maintain an affirmative attitude, always be loyal, humble, respectful and I will never be arrogant
  4. Caring- I will help others and always be fair and considerate and never ridicule or hurt others intentionally.
  5. Excellence- I will be the best at everything that I do and will never accept mediocrity or result into a procrastination attitude.
  6. Open minded- I will always be innovative and give others a chance to present their ideas in every decision that I make. I will aim not only at making profit but also making sure everybody is happy and is developing professionally.

Janssen Pharmaceutics values, Vision and mission statement, culture and code of ethics


Given the high reliability degree that is expected in any pharmaceutical company, Janssen has maintained its effectiveness through its innovative structure and has proven equipments and systems that are essential in ensuring there is maximum effectiveness and productivity in order to retain a competitive advantage. It is governed by firm values, missions and code of ethics (Kath, 2010).

Janssen is focused and its main values are to dedicate themselves in helping the society with the best medical care. It has ethical values that enable them to be passionate and exclusive in offering medical help on mental health and offering medication in order to treat bipolar, schizophrenia, bipolar mania and any irritability that is related to autistic disorder. The mission of Janssen is to place the patients at the forefront in everything that they do through customer focus, organizational leadership, and process excellence.

Their vision entails making sure that they continue to offer and deliver some innovative products and deepen their partnerships with the healthcare professionals, caregivers and the patients within the precincts of the mental health society (Janssen, 2009).  Their values enable them to keep in contact with the society offering help to them on any questions that is related to their products.

They have a dedicated culture to ensure that the society is free from mental sickness. Their other missions is to find solutions on treatment as well as prevention of fungal, mould and termite damage to various significant sites of global heritage in areas like India. They encourage innovation as well as discovery of trendy and new solutions (Janssen, 2008).

Their quality mission statement is to make sure that active pharmaceuticals that are manufactures on any sites that do conform to all the requirements of their customers as well as the regulatory bodies for example theUSAfood and Drug Administration and to all the corporate standards (Janssen pharmaceuticals, 2010). They aim to have zero complains from the customers and to produce safe products. In order to achieve their goals, the yearly management meeting in maintaining their mission statement sets crucial targets in the organization that form as the base for all annual objectives. Each employee at Janssen has a role in contribution of their specific roles in order to attain effectual quality standards.

Their major mission is in playing a constructive role and to deal with healthcare costs by offering their customers with cost effective, innovative services and products to enhance quality care as well as patient outcomes.

Their ethical code is based on integrity and since they are under Johnson and Johnson medical, they have come up with a rational code of ethics to enable them prosper in their mission. It is intended to give complement to their Credo by offering more peculiar standards of conduct as well as behavior by pharmacists who are responsible in development.  Their ethical code describes all the principles that do guide their ethical decisions in ensuring there is safe use of the products to the best interest of the society. They always place the well being of the society and the patients first by balancing the benefits as well as the risks and ensure that the patients and the people who use their products get the maximum consideration.

It is also their responsibility in helping get access of the products in the places they have been developed. Moreover, it is their responsibility to apply all the values as well as judgments on the conduct, design, interpretation and analysis of all the clinical results and studies. They always adhere to all the principles of efficient pharmacy practice and ensure that they are comprehensive, accurate, and fair, balanced in order to enable all the informed risk and benefits assessments of the products. They also comprehend the values that are divergent across all cultures and in adaptation of behaviors that are up to their ethical principles.

Janssen is one of the major and the fastest growing pharmaceuticals and has developed a great and unique value based and performance driven culture. Its culture is also highly consultative as well as relationship based and they hold high ethical values in their team work.

Janssen’s social responsibilities

Janssen has a range of activities that comprise of developmental studies and drug formulations. Janssen Pharmaceutical is dedicated to the environment and won an award in the environmental excellence (Scryve, 2010). It does an incredible job in outlining the environmental accomplishments, goals, and areas to improve in their annual report. This ensures that they have a great impact as far as social responsibility is concerned. Despite participating in EPA and Green Power Partnerships programs in order to reduce the waste products, they maintain a wonderful policy of the environment in its offices and facilities. They make some charitable contributions to organizations that are non-profit and encourage volunteerism of the employees in order to be involved in the local activities. They are also committed in reduction of usage of the raw materials and increase the efficiency of product manufacturing.

They always fulfill their social responsibilities that do comprise of production of high and effective medicine as well as offering sincere services and acting ethically and fairly in enhancement of progress to all involved parties. The company promotes education and health, protection of the environment, charity and public welfare under their principle of being responsible to the society. It has a Social Responsibility program that aims at ‘Caring for the future’ (Hellenic Network, 2007) and contributing all its efforts in creating a healthy, happy and safe future to all people. They also offer drug and health care to remote villages.

Janssen’s ethical analysis

Janssen which employs over 17, 000 employees globally in 46 countries has very firm ethical grounds (Janssen pharmaceutical, 2010). Janssen has a firm ethical base that entails and focuses on the health of the patients. They make sure that their products are up to date and effective and also competent in the market. They have immense ethical values that guide them in ensuring that they get positive feedback from the consumers.

Janssen’s training program

Janssen has a training program that is based on prevention program. It has adolescent, mental health and children’s’ program whose main objective is to prevent, diagnose, and give therapy to children and adolescents through offering relevant information to teachers, parents and the media (Hellenic Networks, 2007).They offer educational programs as well as support them in an aid to help and work in conjunction with the care givers in offering effective medical care.

Strengths and weaknesses of Janssen Company

Janssen which is a top 10 company in theUKhas numerous strengths based on their firm mission, vision and code of ethics. They have gained customer acceptance because of their effectiveness and are reliable. Their strength does lie in what they value most and that is customers, integrity, innovation, performance and people. This has enabled them to be effective and reduce errors in their work.


Just like most companies, Janssen pharmaceutical has been governed with ethical values that have enabled them to be innovative and successful. The company is generally reflective of what every successful company should entail. Their ethical values are governed and centered on people and the utilitarian theory of happiness. They make sure that every customer is satisfied with their work thus reducing complains and ineffectiveness. They have a moral conduct that is governed with firm values, missions and code of ethics.