Climate Change

What is the greatest issue of our time? The answer is climate change. The extreme effects are felt in the 2004 tsunami incidence where the whole world attention on effects of climate change was drawn. Imagine the world was a bed and layers of gases on it were blankets. These blankets would hinder or regulate the amount of sunlight that gets into the earth and that which gets out of the earth. Increasing the layers of blankets would translate into more heat being retained into the earth’s surface. Regulation of this heat is what has caused the dramatic changes in the fairly stable predictable state of weather. Weather refers to the condition of the atmosphere at a certain point and includes aspects like wind and sun. Visualize a situation where very many blankets were laid between the earth and the sun. There would be a lot of heat or temperatures that would result to melting of ice or glaciers. According to geologists the earth has a self-regulating system of operations. (Rowden-Rich, pp39)

The system ensures that there is regulated precipitation so that floods are checked. Again during winter condensation of snow is at a level equivalent to what will melt during summer. Influencing the layers of blankets will to a great effect interfere with this mechanism causing the glaciers to melt at higher rates than normal. Floods are as a result of excessive precipitation and have diverse effects on the people. Have you ever imagined that there were excessive floods and t here was nowhere to go as there is water everywhere? Property worth billions would be destroyed or rendered inaccessible interfering with business.( Keller, pp 231)

Ever wondered why butterflies are moving towards the north where there are higher attitudes? Or why there are concerns that the diversity of wildlife could decline in future? Have you ever wondered why there are long term trends towards earlier spring or why flowering and reproduction of plants and birds species has reduced its long process? All this are evidence that climate as was before has been changing. This takes us back to the issue of blankets and their layers. (Houghton, pp 250)

Improved technology has led to creation of more industries, which are responsible for the blanket gases. You must be wondering whether the remedy would be to close such industries. Industries have counter interactive importances to the economy and to the entrepreneurs. They are beneficial to man as they ensure supply of goods or services that are demanded by people but they also emit the greenhouse gases effect. I agree with Professor Diana Liverman the director of Oxford University Environmental change that “carbon offsets are an excellent way to manage emissions that we cannot reduce ourselves”. The idea of abatement is therefore very important in trying to balance the benefits and the costs. If the governments of specific countries work with clear regulations then such problems will not be faced. The Bush government has adopted mechanisms to this respect through intensive research and development plans on energy use and also through carbon taxes.

The blankets are however very important as they protect us from very minimal temperatures. Most of you must have watched the films of people arguing that climate change is fiction. You ought to know better that such claims are not true. Change is here is with us and although we cannot change our behavior at least we try to adapt to fit in well into the environment without harming it. Now that you know climate change is here and scientists argue that it is here to stay you can be part of the solution.

The adverse effects of climate change for instance the tsunami have global effects and thus call for a global approach in finding their solutions. Curbing this issue will require multiple forces to act. It needs to mind of an individual, companies and governments at large. Many people do not know the effect their actions or activities contribute to global climate change. Industries emit gases that have effects on climate. Companies would be making millions of profits but at the expense of the environment, which affects everyone. (O’Hare et al, pp230)

Most governments especially in LDC’s lack well articulated policies to control air pollution by companies. Did you know that every time you are in a traffic jam you are slowly igniting the vehicle towards disastrous uncontrolled disruptions of ecology and natural systems? Ask me how I will answer you. A research inSan Franciscoshowed that gallons of gas were lost as people were held in traffic jams. This translates to more gases being emitted into the atmosphere. To curb this public transportation, use of bicycles or one car per family would suffice (Hardy J.T 41).

Organic farming is attaining much appraisal today. This is not only because people are afraid of the crops having chemicals but due to the fact that production of fertilizers would have hazardous effects on climate. Factories that produce it emit nitric acid, which has adverse effects on climate. Coal burning produce electricity is said to contribute to global warming. I understand that electricity is a source of energy in many organizations in all sectors of economy. It is not easy to do away with this source of energy but people should conserve the energy that is already produced. If you switched off light that is not in use would be reducing the amount of energy lost.

My greatest worry is what would happen if temperatures kept rising. People are likely to loose a lot of money and property. It would affect the economy at large. The world insurance estimated that economic costs would double, as the demand for insurance services would increase. most schools have introduced a mechanism where they can instill the minds of the children the importance of being cautious with climate. Disastrous effects will occur with climate change plants and animals risks facing extinction if temperatures continue to rise. Agriculture will be affected negatively and this is a threat to food security. As precipitation increases in the higher latitude areas it would decline in the sub tropical regions.

Investment in low carbon technologies especially in the developing countries will go along way in ensuring that the climate is sage we have the power to limit the scope and severity of climate change by stabilizing emissions. The importance of recycling should not be undermined. Fast pods that pack their foods in papers are a threat to climate. This is because such papers cause deforestation whilst trees are important in regulating the carbon cycle. Natural regulatory mechanisms should be allowed to take place for benefit of all.  Type of vehicle one uses also affects the climate.

Sporty cars more fuel thus increasing the effects of climate change. We should not think that it is trendy to buy expensive sporty cars we should remember the disastrous effects likely to occur due to this act. We would all like stability and peace in our environment no one would like to recurrent of the tsunamis experience like that which happened in 2004, or the continued flooding, the next time you think of using different cars for the whole family or learning you switches on after use think of the factors discussed today and their effects on climate.


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