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The website
provides information about the benefits Google offers to its employees. These benefits include medical insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, Flex spending account plan (Health spending account, development care account and qualified transportation benefit), employee Assistance Program which includes counseling, legal consultations, financial counseling, child care, referrals and pet care referrals. Other benefit includes life and AD &D insurance, Short Term and Long Term Insurance, Retirement and saving plans which include Google 401(k) plan and 529 college savings plan that help employees with a way to save for post-secondary education. There is also Back-Up Child care adoption assistance, financial planning

The website provides information about SAS family members and retirees in the US. The site offers information about comprehensive Employee Assistance Program, adoption services and support as part of Benefits to family members of the SAS family. SAS also offer retirement benefits for eligible employees. These include health care services, recreation facilities and more. It also has extensive facilities aimed at helping its members to be active and lead a healthier life.

ASSA ABLOY which is the company that I work for offers several
benefits to its employees.
Blue Cross Blue Shield plan offers benefits which include hospital benefits, home health care, institutional and professional care, and medical benefits. The information is very important in making a decision whether to join this network i.e. one can calculate cost and benefits associate with this network since it gives information about situation of being in the network and out of the network. It also enables me to know what I might lose in future for not being under
such a network.
Delta Dental provides our dental insurance. They offer information about dentists participating in their network and how to reach them. By utilizing participating dentists, the clients are able to maximize benefits and reduce paper work.
Being part of VSP group enables one to benefit from affordable eyecare plan. These services are offered by VSP to those who have joined ASSA ABLOY group. Such benefits include allowances to the cost of contact lens care and contact lens exam, special programs; contact lens evaluation and supply of replacement lenses. They lay out advantages such as accessing eye care at low cost, wellvision Exam, plenty of eyewear, availability of VSP doctors with flexible schedules to suit the members, and extra discounts associated with joining the group.
ASSA ABLOY offers several paid days off such as holidays, sick days, vacation days as well as I get one paid day off during the month of my birthday. Each employee working for the company less than 10 years gets 2 vacation, the number increases to 3 weeks after the employee works for
15 years, and 4 weeks for anyone who has been working for the company 20 years or longer. Each employee gets total of 12 days off paid holidays, such as Thanksgiving Day and the day after, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and the day after, Independence Day, President’s Day, Good Friday, etc. One of my favorite benefits ASSA ABLOY has to offer is tuition reimbursement. Each employee who is interested in pursuing a degree is entitled to tuition reimbursement. The company contributes $2500.00 for undergraduate studies, and $4500.00 for graduate studies per one calendar year. Once a year, the company organizes company outings to local amusement park such as Lake Compounce. It is a day long affair, where the employees can bring their family and friends and enjoy the company of their co-workers.


Benefits from Google and SAS offers comprehensive benefits of what an employee may wish to have. These benefits range from healthcare, financial advises and support, physical fitness activities, child care, pet care, and after employment benefits. However benefits from Google are not accessible to those who do not work for Google. Benefits at ASSA ABLOY group also cover a wide range i.e. health care, vocations, entertainment and career development. It could be better to include child care, pet care, physical fitness and financial care to the benefits offered by ASSA ABLOY group.


Benefits offered by Google and SAS family are almost comparable to those offered by ASSA ABLOY group. Benefits offered by ASSA ABLOY are more elaborate and the costs involved are included e.g. dental care monthly and weekly contribution is given. Given such information, one will be able to make an informed decision whether to join the group. It is also interesting that these benefits are offered by different specialized entities such as VSP for eyecare, Delta Dental for dentacare. This will ensure good and assured services when need arises to the members. Additionally ASSA ABLOY offers additional benefits such as vacations and sick days and so on. However, these benefits fail to encompass child care, pet care, and adoption, and physical health benefits which are included in SAS family and Google. These benefits are also very important to employees.  Both, Google and ASSA ABLOY offers benefits which ensure that employees can further their education  ASSA ABLOY also entertain its employees by organizing local amusement park yearly which bring together the ASSA ABLOY big family. Such benefits are not offered by Google and SAS Family.  ASSA ABLOY should include benefits such as child care, pet care, physical fitness and financial care.