Systems Thinking

Soft system Methodology
The portfolio should include one example of each of the following:
1. SSM – A Rich Picture. (Case and diagram) (Use rich picture symbols to show the relationship)
2. SSM – Analyses 1 (Client. The practitioner.Issue owner), List and diagrams for each one in analysis 1.
SSMAnalysis 2(Social) Role. Norms. Value. (List all stakeholders & diagram.
SSM ANALYSIS 3 ( Political) Positional power, referent power, expert power, reward power and coercive power. ( Table and diagram for all political and the relationship).
3. SSM – A Purposeful Activity Model including text (the form) and diagram. (Root definition, PQR formula, CATWOE and EEE) DIAGRAME.( select two stakeholders).
4. A simple model of the positive and negative feedback loops in a system following System Dynamics notation (hand drawn is fine!).
5. A worked example of “Reframing by Word Play” from Phase 1 of Thinking Differently/NHS Institute book.
6. One worked example of a tool from either Phase 2 or Phase 3 of Thinking Differently/NHS Institute book.

Each example in your portfolio should be accompanied by a short narrative description, an explanation of the potential use of the technique and its role within a soft systems or action research project. You can select your examples from a variety of health related areas.( select any problematic situation in health)