: Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis Assignment/Examination Order Description

Topic: Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis Assignment/Examination
Order Description
You need to find a online news which happened in 2014 and then do the analysis.(please send me that news as well).
Task: Students are to identify a management based research problem from a 2014 online news story. The report should discuss a solution to the scenario problem using a quantitative, qualitative or mixed methods approach. The report should contain an essay of about 2000 words on the chosen approach including an extensive literature review on the method as well as a discussion of why it would be suitable to apply to the chosen scenario, how it would be applied, your research design, and any foreseeable issues which arise using this approach for the scenario.Discuss the sort of results you would expect and what would be an appropriate form of analysis. Note: A copy of the news story,which has formed the basis for your research, must be included with the final report.
Subject objectives
Upon successful completion of this subject students should be able to:
1. discuss the fundamental elements of research design for industry sectors, management processes and for the
2. evaluate a range of research methods used in management, organisational and industry sector research and
their associated ethical considerations
3. review, critically evaluate and present results from a variety of different types of research studies
4. design, develop and report on research in a suitable format for a professional or academic audience.
This subject also contributes specifically to the following program learning objectives:
Locate, select and analyse relevant data and resources. (2.1)
Critically evaluate data & resources in the context of relevant academic literature. (2.2)
I’ll upload a sample from my lecture.”sample research report 2 final.pdf”. Please completely follow that sample. For example, the sucture, tables(figures or charts).etc.Similarity should under 10%.
It takes 50% of my total marks, could do it very carefully for me, please?
I’ll also upload my lecture notes and subject objectives to you.

3.Literature Review