Project Proposal


You are required to write a Project Proposal, which no longer than 2,500 words in length.
You will need to include: proposed title, aims and objectives, literature and other sources, methodology, analysis techniques and points for discussion.


Specifically, you will need to provide information on the following:

Project Supervisor:
Project Title:

1) Focus for the project and rationale (10%)
(i.e., What is the project about and why is it worth researching this topic)
2) Background information (10%)
(i.e., Review here any existing published work that relates to this topic. In doing so identify why your proposed research still needs to be carried out)
3) Provisional overall aim of the project (10%)
(i.e., what is the aim for the overall outcome of this piece of research)
4) Specific research objectives (10%)
(i.e., what series of detailed objectives will be fulfilled to ensure that the overall aim is achieved)
5) Research methods to be used (20%)
(i.e., How will you obtain and analyse information in order to gain research data? Where will you find the background information on this subject? Is the collection and analysis of new date / information required? How will the data / information be collected? Interviews/questionnaires etc?).
6) Possible conclusions that may be reached (10%)
(i.e., Do you have any thoughts yet as to what the results might show?).
7) Structure of the dissertation (maximum nine chapter headings) (10%)
(i.e., Provide here a chapter outline for your proposed final dissertation).
8) Work Schedule (10%)
(Provide details here of a timescale and plan of action for your project)
9) Risks / Contingencies (10%)
(i.e., any assumptions you are relying on for the successful completion of the project. Identify any risks to the successful completion of the project and how they might be reduced. List contingency plans in the event of problems).
Assessment 2: Dissertation/Independent Project
75% of Unit award

You are required to produce a Dissertation or Independent Project as explained in the unit Hand Book.

The research project produced must conform to the following format:

1. Aim & Objectives, Methodology (10%)

2. Literature Review (20%)

3. Data Collection (25%)

4. Analysis and Discussion (25%)

5. Conclusions (10%)

6. Presentation (10%)
Learning outcomes:

As defined in the unit description but broadly on successful completion of this assignment, students will be expected, at threshold level, to be able to:

Appraise and evaluate key research tools and techniques.

Organise library searches effectively

Assemble a viable research methodology

Consider ethical implications

Analyse and synthesise data

Organise and plan work independently and draw valid conclusions.

Reading / References:

As per literature review.

Assessment Structure
Coursework – 100%

Unit Assessment
25% – Research Project Proposal
75% – Dissertation or Independent Project

= 100% coursework

NB Written assignments must be submitted to the School Office on the date stated. If there is a problems with a submission date you must contact the School Manager before the due date.

IMPORTANT: You are reminded that this is an individual assignment and all work submitted should be your own. Where you have used information from other published sources, this should be properly acknowledged in your work using the APAv6 referencing system.

University Definition of Plagiarism
Plagiarism is “the incorporation by a student in work for assessment of material which is not their own, in the sense that all or a substantial part of the work has been copied without any adequate attempt at attribution, or has been incorporated as if it were the student’s own when in fact it is wholly or substantially the work of another person or persons”.

Unit Co-ordinator: