mass incarceration


1. Paper should be 20 pages in length apa style, not including title page, abstract, appendices, or reference page.
2. Organization-The paper must include the seven major sections.

The paper will be graded based upon four criteria: mechanical execution, organization, sources, and content. Each criterion is discussed below at length.
Mechanical Execution
Mechanical execution of the paper is characterized by, but not limited to Papers should be approximately 20 pages in length, not including the title page, abstract, appendices, or reference page.
All papers must be Double spaced; 1″ top, bottom, and side margins; pages numbered. 12 point fonts of a standard type (i.e. CG Times, Times New Roman, Arial, etc.).
Proper punctuation, spelling, and grammar. Look for run on and incomplete sentences.
The paper must include a title page and a one-­‐paragraph abstract that summarizes your proposed project. This abstract should come after the title page and before the body of the paper. Begin the body of the paper on a new page.
The paper must include at least the following seven major sections.

States the problem that you are proposing to examine and describe why this issue is important. Make sure you are using prior research to support why your topic is important
Review and critique the prior research that has been done for your topic. What were the findings of these studies? What were the strengths and weaknesses of what other researchers have done? Conclude with a paragraph or two describing how your research will improve upon prior studies or will add to the body of knowledge relating to your topic.
Based on the prior research you have reviewed, what research question(s) will you answer and what are your expected findings.
How do you propose to test your research question(s)? Discuss your unit of analysis, sampling, and the source(s) of your data. How will you operationalize your research question(s)? If you want to use a survey or conduct interviews, develop a basic instrument (include this as an appendix); describe how specific items will help you to acquire the information needed to test your hypothesis. If you want to analyze existing data, describe the variables you would use and why they are important.
What are the strengths and weaknesses of your proposed methodology? What issues must you be aware of? What are the limitations of your study and its results? Why is your methodology better than other methods that might be used? What ethical challenges might arise in your project and how those dilemmas?
In a few paragraphs, defend your research proposal. Why will your findings be of value? How will they help you to test your hypothesis?
A one or two paragraph summary describing why your study would be important and how it will help in solving the problem.
Each paper must also include a reference page. References should always be listed on a separate page from the text of the paper.
Research papers should always provide proper citations of quality source material. You must use at least 20 sources in your paper; each source must be cited at least once in the body of your paper.
Because this is a research paper, avoid offering your own opinions on the topic. Your arguments should generally be supported by the research you are citing. All sources listed on your Reference page must be cited in American Psychological Association format. Within the body of your paper you must always provide proper citations under the following circumstances: whenever you discuss an idea that you obtained from someone else’s writings; whenever you summarize the work of someone else; or, whenever you take a direct quote from one of your sources. Avoid paraphrasing (simply shuffling around someone else’s words); use your own words and organization in your writing. Papers with extensive paraphrasing will be heavily penalized. If you take a direct quote from a source, you must use quotation marks and provide a citation, including the page number(s). Failure to use proper citations may violate the Student Conduct Code and may result in a student receiving a significant grade reduction (up to a failing course grade). At least
Content: The majority of your grade will be dependent upon the actual content; the paper must be objective and organized in a readable and logical manner.
The research topic is Mass Incarceration. I need a research proposal..