Evidence Based Project Proposal: Adolescent and obesity.

Criteria for scholarly EBP project proposal
This week you will complete your written paper and PowerPoint presentation. The abstract needs to be written. The abstract is a very succinct summary of your project that is written after the paper is complete. Include the following:
• A summary of the practice issue and need for the study
• The intervention
• Methods: Briefly summarize the entire methods section.
• Expected results: Since the project was not implemented, you cannot discuss the results in detail, the practice implications, or need for additional study. These items are typically included in an abstract.

Criteria for scholarly EBP project proposal
This final paper is the culmination of this scholarly activity. All papers must be written using APA format and a professional writing style. The proposal should include the following sections and content.
Part 1 – Introduction –
• Introduction
o Practice issue
o Summarize the practice issue in need of change providing background information about the organization (setting) and the perceived significance and severity of the problem
o Describe the specific aims of the project – what improved outcomes do you hope to achieve
• PICOT question – State your question in PICOT format, labeling each part with P-I-C-O-T in parentheses
• Significance – what is the significance of the issue in terms of poor outcomes, cost, etc.
Part 2 – Evidence review and synthesis
• List the names of the databases you searched and if limited to a span of time, i.e., less than 5 years old
• Summarize “keeper” studies
• Summarize the synthesis of the body of evidence
Part 3 – Purpose of the project
• Purpose of the project – include intervention
• Theoretical framework
• Clinical questions
Part 4 – Methods
• Study design
• Setting/sample
• Confidentiality
• Procedure/intervention
• Aligning stakeholders
• Instruments/scales and measurement of outcomes
• Data collection
Part 5 – Data analysis
• Outcomes to be analyzed and how they will be analyzed
• Outcomes expected (hypothesized)
PART B: Poster and/ PowerPoint Presentation
Students will present a summary of their project using Microsoft PowerPoint.
• Online campus students will include speaker notes in their PowerPoint slides and will defend their presentation in a discussion board.
• Assemble the presentation to present all required criteria sections of the EBP project.
• Quality of presentation is professional and provides evidence of graduate level scholarship.
Submit your paper and PowerPoint presentation assignments to the W10: Assignment 2 Dropbox by Thursday, November 19, 2015.
Criteria for EBP Project Proposal Paper Maximum Points
Abstract 15
Introduction 30
Evidence review and synthesis 60
Purpose of the project 25
Methods 40
Data analysis 50
Appendices: Evaluation and Synthesis tables 20
Paper demonstrates graduate level writing skills and scholarship 30
EBP Oral/Poster Presentation
Presentation content and quality is consistent with graduate work 30
Total: 300