Develop and present a project proposal


Order type: Research Proposal

The project proposal will detail what the team hopes to learn through research in the U.S. and Sierra Leone and will identify questions to be asked and answered in the final paper. This will include putting in articles for ?Desk Review? related to the Terms of Reference (TOR) that was created in a paper. It needs to address research, funding potentials, and write a grant based on what has already been done.
– Develop and present a project proposal including the rationale and questions to be addressed in the area selected.
– Look at systems building approach to disaster as well as in relation to each area.
– Look at Participatory Action Research (PAR) in relation to your work.
– Projects will be critiqued by a group of professionals from Sierra Leone that have both experienced a past crisis and worked to put systems in place as well as peer reviewed.
– mock reporters and other media personnel in attendance asking questions.

This is an actual field experience that I and two other members will be participating in with the Lemon Aid Fund in Sierra Leone, Africa. You can view their website, and their research with forgiveness. Incorporate Enright?s Forgiveness Model, and The Stanford University Forgiveness Project.