Curatorial Project


Topic: Curatorial Project

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Curatorial Project
General Description
The Curatorial Project is the cumulative project for the Art 122Y course and, as such, represents an opportunity for the student to present a synthesized evaluation of and response to the different issues, ideas, and thematic references explored in Art 122Y over the course of the semester and to demonstrate his or her general mastery of the overarching course learning outcomes.
The work complete for the Curatorial Project requires to assume the role of “curator” of an exhibition of contemporary works of art created after 1980. The exhibition will have a theme that focuses on an issue that affects contemporary U.S. culture. A curator is an individual who organizes an exhibition by selecting works and placing them within a particular context or arrangement so as to create some kind of meaning. Developing a context for an exhibition can include the use of thematic, conceptual, or formal approaches. Curators also write exhibition labels, essays for publications such as exhibition catalogs as well as other material that will enhance the audience’s experiences with the exhibition.
Activity Learning Objectives:
Successful completion of the Curatorial Project will demonstrate the student’s specific ability to:
??? interpret, assess, and evaluate the diversity and complexity of the
contemporary art world and its interrelationships with the world at large and express thoughts in written and visual form; an define, apply, and convey his / her understandings of and opinions about contemporary art in discipline-specific written conventions.
Project Task: Assuming the Role of “Curator” to Design an Exhibition
The task for this project is to take on the role of “curator” and to:
1. Design a thematic exhibition of contemporary American art or design and
2. Discuss how the different works in the exhibition relate to an issue that affect contemporary American society.
create and submit exhibition documentation in one of the following ways:
1. Submit the exhibition directly to the instructor in the form of a PDF document, PowerPoint presentation, or Microsoft Word(.doc) file. Projects submitted directly to the instructor will be done so via an ANGEL drop box.
Each student will choose an organizing theme or topic for his/her exhibition and decide how to organize the exhibition. Overarching exhibition themes are listed below and correspond with the course learning modules.Be sure to review the evaluation criteria to see how the number of works you present can impact the grade you earn. At least 4 of
the works selected must be ones not discussed at length in the course text.
Exhibition Themes: Identify one of the following as an overarching theme for exhibition. Then, within that, identify a specific issue or set of issues explored within that theme. For example, one might choose “The Body” as an overarching theme but the specific issue explored in the exhibition might be to examine the representation of how the “aging” body is represented in American visual culture (i.e., fine art, popular media, etc).
??? The Body
??? Time
Task List for the Curator: As the curator for exhibition, it will be responsible for completing the following tasks:
??? Gather Information about the works/artists:
o Names of artists or groups
o Media (or technologies) used in the work
o Dimensions (where applicable)
o Year of production
o Presentation/exhibition history
o Artists statements, descriptions
o Bibliography (reviews, interviews, etc.
o Screen shots or still images
o Audio or video clips