Continuous Quality Improvement Application Project

Topic: Continuous Quality Improvement Application Project

Order Description
The objective of this project is to develop a proposal for a process improvement project. The project area selected for process improvement should reflect the application of the doctor of nursing practice role (DNP role) related to a real-time problem in a nursing work setting.
Project Components:

1. Introduction to the clinical problem/clinical quality issue. (quality of care for inpatient eating disorder patients and patient satisfaction and the need for specialized knowledge with regard to eating disorders on behalf of the nurse) I want to emphasize the importance and implement a specialized training for nurses working with eating disorder patients, as this will increase the quality of their treatment and improve the outcome of their treatment. The problem is a lack of specialized training/need for specialized training of nurses who work with eating disorder patients. Also nurses will have increased job satisfaction and experience less frustration when working with this population when they have proper education related to this population.

2. Introduction to the organization (Renowned psychiatric hospital that specialized in eating disorder treatment). Does the problem involve a team? (Yes, the eating disorder treatment team composed of psychiatrists, dietitians, DNP, nurses, social workers, medical doctor, but the intervention is directed at the nurses). What is the role of the DNP (leader) prepared nurse in this process? How does this issue impact the customer (patient) internal or external?

3. Root cause analysis of the problem-Why is this a problem? Identify the struture and or/process components that contribute to the problem. (We do not currently have specialized training for the nurses and the nurses lack mentors. This needs to be measured initially, but I think job satisfaction is low and will increase with increased knowledge and so will patient satisfaction scores. There is also a general lack of specialty training in educational programs at universities.)

4. Summarize the data sources that you will need to consult to evaluate the problem/issue. What other data do you need to collect? What terms need to be operationally defined for the data collection process? How will the data need to be organized? Is there a specific sequence that needs to be followed? PLAN DO STUDY ACT MODEL

5. Describe the pattern barriers and facilitators that exist in the organization that may impact the process improvement process and potential problem resolution (similar to barriers and facilitators to evidence-based practice).
6. What are the proposed best solutions to improve the process and rationale? What is the desired patient outcome? What targets/benchmarks are you recommending? Describe the action strategies to implement to improve the process, include a basic timeline, and describe the roles of the team members.

7. Briefly describe a plan for implementation of the action/strategies to implement to improve the process. Describe what QI tools and processes you would use. Include a basic timeline and describe the roles of the team members. What is the role of the DNP prepared nurse in the implementation and evaluation processes? Include how the project team will assess for gains an determine if any changes are effective overtime.

8. Project summary

9. Conclusions

This article link is very helpful:

Hughes, R.G. Chapter 44 Tools and Strategies for Quality Improvement and Patient Safety. Retrieved from:
Please request articles (I plan to upload some in the next few days, but notify me if you need any sooner-most must be 2009 or later in date) from me and ask me any questions that you need that pertain to my organization that will help you write this.